What is a Network – Definition and Uses

Network Definition

From the Latin rite, the term network is used to define a structure that has a characteristic pattern. There are multiple types of network, such as the computer network, the electrical network and the social network.

The computer network names the set of computers and other interconnected computers, which share information, resources, and services. It can be categorized, depending on its scope (local area network or LAN, metropolitan area network or MAN, wide area network or WAN, etc.), its connection method (coaxial cable, fiber optic, radio, microwave, infrared) or its functional relationship (client-server, person to person), among others.

Network Uses

The electrical network, on the other hand, is one made up of electric generators, transformers, transmission lines, and distribution lines, which are responsible for bringing electricity to residential users. The system uses different voltages, where the highest are applied at the most extended distances, while the voltages are reduced as the energy approaches the user’s facilities.

Regarding the social network, the concept refers to that structure where different individuals maintain different types of relationships (friendship, commercial, sexual, etc.).

The social network has updated its meaning in recent years, as the term began to be used to define Internet sites that promote virtual communities according to interests. MySpace and Facebook are two of these social networks that bring together millions of users, who can exchange messages and files with other members of the network.