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What is Portal? – Definition, Uses, Examples, And More

What is Portal? – Definition, Uses, Examples, And More

Definition Portal

A Portal is a term that comes from the door. On the Internet and construction field, a portal is a hall or the first room of the house. Which has the main door and allows access to the rest of the rooms.

In multi-family houses, on the other hand, the portal is the next piece to the entrance door that provides access to the different homes.

On the Internet, a portal is a website that offers, in an integrated way, a wide variety of services and resources to the user. Portals generally offer instantly updated news, search engines, opinion-sharing forums, chat, online games, virtual stores for electronic purchases, and email service.

Uses of Portal

The primary intention of a portal is that the user can satisfy all their needs in one place. They try to offer a wide range of options in such a way that they become the “entrance door” of the Internet user to the Web. One of its objectives is for the user to use the portal as their home page and take advantage of all its services before starting to browse other more specific sites.


Yahoo !, Terra and MSN are some examples of Internet portals. Instead, Google specializes in search.

In recent years, more and more sites have expanded their functions, including services. Thanks in part to the accessibility of widgets (small applications that can be added to a page very quickly, only by inserting your code wherever you want. view it). This growth has an immediate positive effect. Since it gives more possibilities to users, but also contributes to the loss of identity of the sites.

As portals become more common, sites that serve specific purposes disappear. As the public seeks the most convenience, avoids the need to navigate through many pages.

It happens in the market that a product emerges as a bird of prey that takes advantage of those resources that others waste. Blogs have seen remarkable popularity due to the fall of personal sites as they offer better positioning. And require very little work from their clients to find an impressive and functional design.

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