Extratorrent is a search engine to download games, movies, software applications, documentaries, and more. User from different categories uses Extratorrent. From a software engineer to a kid studying in high school uses Extratorrent for their respective work.

About ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent, along with ThePirateBay has probably been the most popular site to download free torrents, and although after many twists and turns The Pirate Bay is still online over the years and several lawsuits against it, ExtraTorrent has not suffered the same fate.

Today we are going to show you what are the best alternatives to ExtraTorrent to continue downloading torrents for free and without restrictions. If you were a regular user of ExtraTorrent, be sure to see this list updated with the best 5 similar sites.

11 ExtraTorrent Alternatives Updated October 2019 [All Working]

1. The PirateBay

2. Torrentz2

3. LimeTorrents

4. 1337x

5. Kickasstorrents


7. YTS.ag


9. Mejor Torrent

10. DivxTotal

11. IsoHunt

The ExtraTorrent administrators themselves, in their brief ‘farewell letter,’ alerted users that from now on they are careful with the clones and the falsifications of torrent web portals. What they may not have expected is that, as had happened previously with The Pirate Bay and KickAss Torrents.

When they disappeared temporarily, outsiders had returned to ExtraTorrent exactly as it was before it disappeared. Obviously, with a new domain that is ExtraTorrent.cd. But the contents are the same, and the web portal works exactly the same.

Let’s examine now step by step and ordering from best to worst, the extratorrent alternatives that are worth exploring in 2019.

1. The PirateBay

the pirate bay

If we talk about the number 1 site in the torrent culture, we refer only to The Pirate Bay, ultra-popular and famous, has continued all kinds of annoyances and trials, but as we said above, today is still online and allows us easily and Quick to reach an immense arsenal of torrents.

We want you to look for the Pirate Bay which will surely work for you. So, you can start downloading those torrents which you love so much.

2. Torrentz2

ExtraTorrent Alternative TorrentZ2

Torrentz2 is another icon and synonymous with the word torrent, one of the most popular torrent download sites of the year 2019 and has a powerful search engine so you can find any type of content you need.

Honestly, this is not a common torrent file browser. But, it is a complete mega bot that searches in more than 70 internet sites. Sites that are dedicated to the torrent to offer you the best results.

In other words, it’s like a Google torrent. Undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to extratorrent.

3. LimeTorrents

While it was never one of the largest, LimeTorrents is still one of the most preferred by torrents users. Stable, secure and with efficient results, it is the perfect alternative to extratorrents to find your torrents. It offers a simple interface, with the right options and necessary for you to do your search easily and without complications.

4. 1337x

1337X - ExtraTorrent Alternatives

Another classic loved by the torrent community. It has a user-friendly interface for any type of user, and allows you to search for all torrents you need. Since a while ago a novelty is that like The Pirate Bay, offers the ability to play content directly from your platform thanks to the Torrents Time plugin.

This allows users to choose the torrent, give play and everything ready, without intermediaries or torrent clients.

Right now, the Extratorrent Alternatives 13377x is 1337x.to, and you can also find many backup domains, whuch includes




5. Kickasstorrents

Along with The Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent, Kickasstorrents was one of the largest torrent portals, however it lost many users who migrated to other torrent search engines after the temporary closure it had.

Time later it came back to life but the level of users was not the same, and while they are doing things right again, generating the community they had initially will take a while longer. The same is also one of the recommended alternatives to extratorrent.

6. RARBG ExtraTorrent

rarbg Extratorrent

In the rankings of the size of torrent communities, RARBG has taken the second place after the departure of ExtraTorrent. Founded in 2008, RARBG started as a Bulgarian tracker but quickly gained popularity for indexed content, which remains one of the most extensive.

7. YTS.ag

After the closing of YIFY, which was one of the most popular groups of encoders with its own tracker, this community was born, YTS, which honors its legacy. YTS is not directly related to YIFY, but its site, the tracker and even the published content follow the line of the famous encoders. This site has gained its own popularity and a community that grows more every day.


eztv Extratorrent

Although its web design is quite outdated, EZTV offers us at a glance all the information we need on the cover. In addition to notifying us of the latest torrents added to your network, they also tell us what content will be available throughout the day.

The best known pages so we will find plenty of content. In addition, its administrators (EZTV Group) have been selected to create an ExtraTorrent clone, this being different from the one we linked at the beginning of this article.

9. Mejor Torrent

mejor Extratorrent

Mejor Torrent – In this case, unlike the previous alternatives, we are looking at a torrents download website who’s content in terms of series and films are mostly in Spanish, although they sometimes publish subtitled versions of this.

10. DivxTotal

divix total Torrent

Divix total ExtraTorrents – Finally, we recommend DivxTotal, which in the same way as Better Torrent. It is a web page where content is mainly published in Spanish . On its cover we will see a general list of the latest available torrents.

In addition, we will also find lists for each category indicating the most recent content. Regular update of the content in each of them, for those who visit the web daily. They also have a forum in case you have any request or doubt.

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11. IsoHunt

IsoHunt - Extratorrent Alternative

IsoHunt was considered by the community as the best P2P torrent search engine, with a first database, which stands out above its competitors. It was characterized as a download site with good speed and had a vast archive of movies.

Laws in favor of copyright, are gaining ground in governments, and rules are being developed to punish this practice considered illegal, increasing the amounts of money in compensation to companies that offer download services of games, series, and movies.

It was time for IsoHunt. Unfortunately, he lost the legal battle in court with the monster of the MPAA films who watches over the interests of the greats of film studios in the US.

ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites [All Working] in 2019

After the closure of Extratorrent users were hoping for its alternative. Then, immediately a new replacement has come emerged which is named as ExtraTorrent.si. However, this site is not endorsed by the original Extratorrent developers and appears to be simply a Pirate Bay clone.

It is better to stay away from clones of sites created by unknown developers, as they may be hidden. And some fake torrent sites may even inject malware into your computer. So, it advised to be careful when locating such sites.

However, torrents fans don’t need to despair. If you are looking for sites with content similar to Extratorrent, there are many of them out there. Today we are going to list the best alternatives to Extratorrent for 2019. Here we can recommend some safe and reliable torrent sites.

These sites will give you access to all the content you want. Read on for our recommendations.

Top 12 ExtraTorrent mirror sites:

  • https://extratorrent.si/
  • https://myextratorrents.com/
  • https://extratorrents-cc.com/
  • https://extratorrents.ch/
  • http://www.extratorrent2.net/
  • https://extratorrent.red/
  • https://extratorrent.world/
  • unblockall.org
  • https://extra4-to.unblocked.lol
  • https://extratorrent.fyi
  • https://extratorrent.cool
  • https://extratorrent.ag

Why is Extratorrent permanently shut down?

ExtraTorrent has closed its doors forever. At this time, users who access the main page are welcome with a short but clear message, indicating that the popular torrents page will not return (the message appears intermittently):

“ExtraTorrent has closed permanently.

ExtraTorrent with all mirrors has stopped working .. We permanently erase all data. Stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones. Thanks to everyone who has helped ET and the torrent community. ET was a place to be …

May 17, 2017″

From TorrentFreak, they have contacted the site operator. SaM, who has confirmed that with the end of Extratorrent, the road started by the associated ETRG team is also completed. Now the doubt hangs over other famous groups such as EtHD and ettv.

As per the source here is the reason for their permanent shutdown.

We may never know the cause of the abrupt shutdown, but it’s likely that legal pressure played a role. Either the administrators were threatened or they grew tired of playing the cat-and-mouse game. All ExtraTorrent’s domains (including extratorrent.cc, extratorrent.one, and extra.to) redirect to the same message.

ExtraTorrent was founded in November 2006. When sites like TorrentSpy and Mininova dominated the scene. However, the page was able to develop an audience of its own and become the second-largest torrent website after The Pirate Bay.

How to use ExtraTorrent?

It is very simple to use Extratorrent. Below are the details:

  • You put on the search for what you want to download.
  • The site makes you a list in the order that you can classify according to the comments, the size, the seeders (the number of computers that share this .torrent), the leechers (the people who download it), and the health of the file to download.
  • Generally, the greater the number of seeders, the faster the file will be transferred. And, to more leechers, more reliable it should be, but do not have too much confidence either.
  • On the index, you can choose whether to download the torrent file or to use the magnet link, the links that do not require a download to open directly on your client BitTorrent.o open extratorrent


These ten alternatives to Extratorrents should keep you happy and updated with all the content you need. It is an unfortunate reality of the torrent sites that it has been stopping working.  We all have to move for alternatives to Extratorrents. But there are always other places to try when looking for torrents.

Do you have a favorite torrent site that we haven’t mentioned? Tell us in the comments below!