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The motherboard is undoubtedly the essential element to create a computer, the rest of the components such as the CPU or RAM will be installed on it so that the machine is capable of starting and working. So let’s see in detail what a motherboard is and how it works.

The motherboard is, without a doubt, an essential part of a computer. It is the one that will determine what architecture our team has in its internal components. Each motherboard will be designed to house individual elements or certain types of component families, and will also support certain speeds and capacities that those components have.

All or almost all the components that are part of the computer will get connected to the motherboard; it will also be in charge of establishing a communication bus between those components (CPU, RAM, graphics card) and the peripherals installed on it (mouse, keyboard, screen, etc.)

Its physical aspect is that of an electronic circuit of specific dimensions in which a series of elements such as chips, capacitors, component connectors, and electricity lines get installed, which together form the structure of a computer.

Almost all of them must have four essential components installed:

  • The power supply
  • The central processor
  • RAM
  • Storage units

The motherboards consist of different physical formats that determine the physical dimensions that these will have.

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