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What is a PAN [Personal Area Network]? – Definition, Examples, and More
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What is a PAN [Personal Area Network]? – Definition, Examples, and More

PAN Definition

A PAN provides data transmission between devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and personal digital assistants.

PAN is a computer network to interconnect devices focused on the workspace of a person.

It is used for communication between personal devices themselves or to connect to a higher level network and the Internet.

The wireless personal area network (WPAN) is a low power PAN that transports through a short distance wireless network technology.

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What are the advantages of PAN?

Firstly, Advantages of Personal Area Network are:

No additional extra space is required

  • The personal area network does not require additional cable or space.
  • To connect two devices, you only need to enable Bluetooth on both devices to start sharing data between them.

Connecting to multiple devices at once

  • Many devices can connect to one device at the same time in a personal area network.
  • And also, You can connect a mobile device to many other mobile devices or tablets to share files.

Easy to use

  • And also, It is easy to use.
  • Advanced configuration is not required. It is becoming easier to configure.


  • This network is protected because all devices authorize before sharing data.
  • And also, Third-party injection and data piracy are not possible in PAN.

What are the disadvantages of PAN?

Secondly, Disadvantages of the personal area network are:

Less distance range

The signal range is a maximum of a few meters, which limits long-distance exchange.

Interference with radio signals

As the personal area network uses infrared and radio messages can be interfered with by other signals.

Slow transfer

Bluetooth and infrared data have a slow data transfer rate compared to other types of networks such as LAN (local area network).

What are the examples of [PAN]?

Examples of personal area network are:

  1. Wireless keyboards
  2. Wireless mice
  3. Smartphones
  4. TV remote controls
  5. Wireless printers
  6. Game consoles

And also, Smartphone technologies include infrared, Bluetooth, FireWire, ZigBee, Ultrawideband, Wibree, wireless USB.

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