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How to get Spotify Premium For Free – Music Streaming App
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How to get Spotify Premium For Free – Music Streaming App

Music is food for the soul. It is liberating and helps one express their emotions. Listening to music shouldn’t be a burden on our pockets. With apps like Spotify and iTunes making money off of art that should be available and within reach of everyone; we are left with no choice but to resort to workarounds in order to get quality music without spending much. Fortunately, there are methods through which one can get access to unlimited free music with offline downloads. We will discuss these methods in detail:

Method 1: Download the Modded Apk

Getting Spotify premium is fairly easy if you are using an android device. By providing root permissions, you can even hack the real Spotify app and use the premium version. If you are using one of the latest devices or fear that your device might be bricked during said root process. Then you can download the Spotify premium apk which will allow you premium access without paying for it.

You will have access to all the features of Spotify premium without actually paying for the app, making it one of the coolest apps on the market.

Method 2: Getting Free trials

If you are a Spotify user, then you must know that Spotify gives its users 30 days of a free trial of the premium features which can be used without any cost. So if you are an iOS user or wish not to pirate the music, then you can just create different IDs on Spotify will different emails and use the premium features as free trials and once the free trial is done; simply create another ID to get unlimited premium features without pirating or paying for it.

Method 3: Install Spotify++ app

The Spotify++ app will help users to benefit from premium Spotify features without actually paying for it. It can be easily accessed on rooted android devices and jailbroken iOS devices but if you do not want to risk voiding the warranty of your device or fear that it might decrease in value having its recovery flashed; then you can simply download Tutuapp, AppValley or Tweakapp to download Spotify++ and use it to get free premium Spotify features without paying or rooting/jailbreaking your device.

Method 4: Join a Spotify Family Plan

The Spotify family plan constitutes of 5 people in which one person pays for the monthly plan while 5 people can get the benefit of using Spotify premium without any problems. Most of the time, people buy the family plan without having enough members in their plan. So you can search for an incomplete user plan and ask them to join in.


Where would we be without music to carry us through our sorrows and boost our victories during our achievements? The obstacle created by capitalistic industries is placing an expensive price tag on a media that should be otherwise available for free. In order to get the most out of Spotify such as offline downloads and official songs, one must get the premium access, which thanks to the above-mentioned methods have been placed within our grasp.

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