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Best Instagram Growth Services: My Personal Experience
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Best Instagram Growth Services: My Personal Experience

Best Instagram Growth Services

Is it difficult to promote an Instagram profile nowadays? On the one hand, yes, because the competition is off the charts, and you have to generate ideas non-stop in order to get someone’s attention. But on the other hand, there are so many ways to promote on social media that allow creating a bustling blog in a matter of months, that the process becomes completely trouble-free.

I’ve been working in SMM for several years now and have tried various methods, including link-baiting. This tool is suitable when you need to achieve the desired result in a short time. Over time, I have collected a selection of the best sites I or some of my colleagues occasionally use. That’s how I came up with the idea to write this article – so that others don’t fall for scammers and know exactly who to trust in this matter.


Zamupa is another Instagram promotion website run by a marketing agency. The principle of operation here is similar to I-Famous, so I decided to test and compare them. First, the customer’s profile get analyzed by a program. Artificial intelligence analyzes it: the target audience, competitors, and hashtags. And based on this information, it starts bringing followers. Thanks to this approach, you get real, high-quality followers who are interested in your content.


Users will view your posts, Stories, Reels, as well as like and comment on your content and share/save it. And this is how your profile analytics get a boost, by increasing your content’s reach and engagement rate. And of course, in this way you impact Instagram’s algorithm and encourage it to organically promote your profile page.

To start using Zamupa, you need to choose a plan and specify the number of followers you want. The Lite plan includes AI profile analysis, basic targeting, as well as post views, likes and comments. Their number is managed by the service itself, which makes sure that the follower inflow happens naturally and doesn’t attract unwanted attention from Instagram mods.

The Pro plan adds profile analysis by a marketing professional and smart targeting based on your audience, competitors, and hashtags, as well as newsletters, influencer collaborations, and content shares/saves. The program also creates a Blacklist, which allows you to exclude repeated interactions with users and save money on ads.

money on ads


I tested the Pro plan, as it has a couple of tools that other services don’t have. I was pleased with the result: not only did I get real followers, but ones that were genuinely interested in my blog. The followers I got from Zamupa helped me to boost the engagement of my existing followers. Someone would ask a question in the comments, I would answer, and then the conversation would grow from there without any help on my part. Even after the order was completed and some people unfollowed me, the engagement rate remained at a decent level.


What makes I-Famous special is that everything here is built on artificial intelligence. Before getting you new followers, the system analyzes your profile and collects information about potential customers. The program selects followers whose interests, age, and location meet the customer’s needs.

I-Famous only brings in a real audience. That is, you don’t get fake accounts, but like with You to Subs, you are offered real active followers. It takes from 2 to 5 days to get them. Thanks to the consistent profile promotion, the risk of blocking is reduced to zero, as no rules are violated.



I worked with I-Famous because one of my clients wanted to get followers from a marketing agency. I did some research and found this service. What got me was that these guys mention the estimated number of followers. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be responsible for the result. On the contrary, since they use AI here, and there are only real people that follow you, their number and level of engagement cannot be predicted accurately.

I-Famous offers bundled plans that offer different feature sets. More options mean a higher cost:

  • collaboration with marketing pros;
  • building a promotion strategy;
  • extended targeting;
  • influencer collaborations;
  • priority service and personal manager.

All plans include a certain number of followers, content views, likes and comments. The only difference is in their number. The more followers you order, the higher the chances to get to the Explore page and get promoted organically.

promoted organically

The service allows you to add multiple Instagram profiles. For those who, like me, work with multiple profiles on the social platform, this is very convenient. You can manage the followers under all orders in your personal profile on the website, which becomes available after payment.

after payment

I’ve used I-Famous many times and haven’t noticed any significant drawbacks. Followers come gradually, and their engagement is consistent and not chaotic, as is the case with bots. People just follow you and like and comment on your content. And this happens over several days, not within an hour. The only disadvantage, if it can be called so, is that here you can’t choose the number of followers you need. That didn’t make my work harder, my client picked a plan, and we worked on it for several months, gradually promoting their profile. But if you want to control your audience inflow independently, just use another service, for example, You to Subs.


And the last service on my list is Velesty. With its help, you can get active followers on Instagram who will view, like and comment on your posts. You already know what the advantages of this method are: your profile grows quickly, but at the same time there is no threat of a shadow ban or blocking. Followers come gradually, over several days, and show moderate engagement, which is in line with Instagram guidelines.


I’ll be honest: You to Subs is enough for me to get new followers, but there are situations when you can’t do without Velesty. For example, a client approaches me and says they want to promote their content to the Explore page, but they don’t want any followers. So what should I do? All I need to do in this case is boost the engagement numbers. And it’s easy to find a service that will do this for you, but the problem is that the likes and comments you’ll get will come from bots. That’s why I only use Velesty for tasks like this. Because in this case, you know you’ll get all the engagement you need from real people.

For the Instagram algorithm, it matters who is interested in your posts – a real person or a bot. It will notice fake activity and that will result in a ban. And it’s generally better for your reputation if your profile engagement comes from real users. Therefore, if you only need to get one thing of the three (followers, likes, or comments), use Velesty.

use Velesty

The cost of active followers depends on their number, as well as the warranty period for the order. This refers to how long users will remain your followers. When the warranty expires, people can unfollow you at will. Do you want to extend their stay? Order an extended warranty, and you’ll get a discount at the same time.

same time

In your personal profile on Velesty, you can track the status of your order, as well as the remaining warranty time.

warranty time

You to Subs

I give the first prize to You to Subs, and I think that if you know even a little bit about promotion on Instagram, you’ve heard about this service. The guys have been working for several years, recently updated their website, and added new features, so I can confidently say that they don’t scam here.

scam here

The key advantage of You to Subs is that it attracts a real, active audience, not fakes. You get followed by people with regular Instagram profiles, who post personal photos, regularly browse the feed, etc. Their profiles comply with Instagram’s guidelines. For example, the social platform’s algorithms consider a profile reliable if it was created at least three months ago. There is a simple explanation for this. Fake profiles don’t live long, which means that if mass interactions come from these day fly users, Instagram blocks them along with the profiles of those who bought them.

You to Subs makes sure to meet all the requirements and presents its own: the freelancer profile must have a minimum of 12 photos and 40 followers, and no more than 600 followings.

600 followings

You to Subs was one of the first in the market to launch a comprehensive profile promotion through bringing new followers. The idea is that your new audience views your posts, Stories, Reels and likes and comments on your posts. The Instagram algorithm sees that your content is gaining popularity, so it shows it to a wider audience. This way your content gets on the Explore page and from there you get your target audience for free. This is the kind of hack they’ve come up with.

come up with

And now let’s talk about pricing. The price per follower starts at $0.02 per day. For this money, they will follow you, view your posts, and like them. The followers who also leave comments of 15 characters are a little more expensive, from $0.04 per day. As a bonus, they will also add you to the Close friends list. The frequency of your content updates also affects the final cost of this kind of promotion. If you post less than 14 times a week, the price is lower, if you post more than 15 times, the cost goes up, as well as the amount of work for the freelancers.

I see it this way: if you have just started blogging, you will have few posts. That’s why you can start with a cheaper plan and gradually move to an advanced one. When your profile grows a bit, order Super Active followers and get ready to go to the top. That’s what I did, and the results are great, so I recommend it.

recommend it

Another thing about You to Subs is that there are no package deals. You decide how many followers you want and what kind of engagement they will show. Just move the slider, and the price will automatically be recalculated. Just a little warning: don’t go crazy, you don’t need to order only Super Active followers, otherwise you will be banned.

When I used the service, I used a simple formula: around 10-15% of followers usually leave comments. If the profile I worked with had little to no content, I would opt for the minimum values. A blog with a hundred followers can’t have a hundred comments on each post, right? And as the profile grew, I gradually increased the percentage to 15-20%.


You to Subs provides its customers with complete security. No matter how many times I used the service, I never had my account taken down. I think the reason is that followers come gradually, not all at once within a few hours. It took a few days to get 1000 followers. In fact, you’ll get the same result if you run targeted ads for a popular piece of content. But it will take many times more money.

To get started, you need to sign up. You’ll get access to your personal profile where you can manage your order progress, your funds, and the freelancers working under your orders. If one of them doesn’t work as they should, you simply remove them from your order and get a new follower.

new follower

How to Choose an Instagram Promotion Service

I’m not going to claim that some services are better and others are worse. Each of them has its own advantages, so choose the one you like the most. Either way, they certainly won’t scam you. And for the future, I’ll tell about the key criteria that you need to pay attention to when choosing an Instagram promotion service:

  • First, be sure to read the service description and find out what they offer you. Make sure they offer only real audience, otherwise you’ll jeopardize your profile promotion and get a bunch of bots among your followers.
  • Secondly, if a service promises great results within a couple of hours, leave it immediately. Otherwise, you are risking getting banned on Instagram for inauthentic engagement.
  • Third, look for services that offer comprehensive promotion. It’s best if one website offers followers, views, likes and comments as a package deal.
  • Fourth, check what you are paying money for. Scammer websites often include fine print disclaimers about them being a subscription service.
  • Fifth, remember that you do not need to provide them with access to your Instagram profile to get new followers. Legit services do not require your authentication information. Once you give them your username and password, you can say goodbye to your Instagram account. None of the sites on my list require such data.

Instagram promotion services are a great tool if they are legit. Don’t be afraid to use them, but always choose reliable platforms. I have recommended the best ones for you today. Happy promotion!

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