Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, 500 million stories, and 100 million photos every day. These figures alone would be enough to define the strategic importance for a company of creating a corporate Instagram profile. Since the end of 2016, Instagram has activated the possibility for users to switch to an IG business profile from the private one, providing a whole series of tools to manage the promotion of their brand.

Creating an IG business profile is very intuitive. From the settings of your private profile, simply select “switch to a business profile” and follow the whole procedure, entering the data and synchronizing the profile with the company’s Facebook page. Immediately, for each post, you will have the opportunity to use the “promote” button and access to Insight data. In this article we will discuss the advantages for a company, to switch to a business account.

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Why create a corporate Instagram profile

The advantages of an Instagram company profile are manifold, here we list the five most important:

#1. Access to Instagram Insights

Switching to a business profile offers access to a simple basic tool to understand if we are making the most of the potential offered by the platform, the Instagram Insights. Due to this tool, it is possible to find out which contents are receiving the most Instagram likes, meanwhile get likes and followers from this link and at what time and on which day of the week, the followers are more active from the posts. The “Impressions,” for example, indicate the number of people who have been reached by profile posts, “reach” indicates the effective coverage of the posts, i.e., the interactions with them by users.

The “view more” button, again, allows you to go even deeper into the data regarding times, impressions and reach, and to be able to take advantage of special filters for analyzing the engagement of posts. So, based on all the elements present in the Insight data, it is possible to adjust the editorial plan of an Instagram business profile to reach as many users as possible.

#2. Instagram shopping

Over 75% of Instagram users buy something or visit a website after viewing it on Instagram. Instagram has gone on to be e-commerce, obviously in its business version. Due to buttons like “Click to view products” and “Buy now,” it is possible to buy directly on the platform, and the brands that take advantage of this possibility of sale are now very numerous. To sell, however, the profile must be connected to a Facebook page that has an approved Facebook shop.

#3. ‘Verified’ badge and Expanded Biography

With a corporate Instagram account, a page can take advantage of all the tools that facilitate communication between brands and followers. First of all, unlike a private profile, a company can report all the information it wants in bio, in addition to the contact information necessary to communicate with its followers, such as Address, telephone, and website.

As you know, it is possible to add links to Stories to direct your followers to your website or to a commercial offer. It is an excellent opportunity, since the number of users viewing the stories on a daily basis, is growing day by day.

Switching to a business account also allows advertisers to approach the conquest of the “blue badge” more easily, which defines the verified accounts. This element, in the eyes of the followers, gives further credibility and prestige to a business page.

#4. Schedule Instagram post

When you have a corporate Instagram account, it means you can schedule your posts. This is very important for effective advertising campaigns. Due to this option, in fact, it becomes easier to develop a well-structured editorial plan on a business account.

It will have to meet the business objectives that define the reference target of the page.

It is necessary to understand who the company is targeting, how it is more appropriate to offer its products on Instagram and to have a detailed overview of how competitors compete on the platform. In short, there are numerous elements to consider to efficiently taking advantage of the option of scheduling posts.

#5. How to take advantage of Ads Instagram

Since 2015, an Instagram company account allows you to publish advertisements directly on the platform instead of using the Facebook ad tool. This, of course, allows you to create specific sponsored posts for Instagram, which is essentially a photo-sharing social media. Thus, it is important to use strategic images, which will summarize the message of your brand, to reach those users who show interest in your content.

Furthermore, the announcements can be accompanied by a call to action button, which can direct the website, the purchase, and anything that can generate conversions by the followers.

Promotional tools for the company’s Instagram profile

We also take advantage of the promotional tools made available by Instagram.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories analytics offer polished content that, because of this, peculiarity leads the user to spend more time on Instagram. The Stories reach up to millions of people every day, in short, a figure not to be underestimated for marketing purposes on IG. Business accounts can insert links in the stories and the swipe up function. By tapping the swipe up option, the user directly goes to other pages, such as the company website.

The direct

How to put videos on Instagram longer than a minute? Well, if the shareable videos on the feed cannot exceed sixty seconds in duration, there are other options for users. Live broadcasting, for example, in addition to being able to boost the scope of the event for the followers of a company account, can last up to sixty minutes; moreover, it can be saved for later viewing.


Instagram TV is a great feature that is only available to business Instagram profiles. It was introduced on June 20, 2018, IGTV allows you to post videos of rather a long duration, i.e., ten to sixty minutes. Obviously, this will enable you to propose articulated promotional video content to your IG followers. Of course, it is important to create videos with duration suitable for viewing on smartphones and the product you intend to promote.