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Great Apps & Tips to Help Get More Instagram Followers

Great Apps & Tips to Help Get More Instagram Followers

There’s a lot of pressure on social media to have a large following, especially on Instagram. Building up your following isn’t always as easy as going viral and getting millions of followers in one day. It takes quite a bit of work and time, and you need to have the right tools at your disposal.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve worked hard over the past year to build up my own personal brand through Instagram. Apps have helped me every step of the way, and I continue to look for new ones that will help to maintain my steady follower growth. Here are a few tips for some good apps to look for if you’re also looking to gain more followers!

Improve Instagram content to increase your follower base

Users are always looking for how to get followers on Instagram fast or aiming for specific numbers and wondering how to get 1000 followers on Instagram. It’s good practice to change your mindset from the numbers and focus first on your content. In my most recent search for some good content-boosting apps, I came across this helpful list:

Must-Have Apps to Get New Instagram Followers

Especially if you’re new to this stuff, these kinds of apps will really help you get off to a good start. This list recommends some of the apps I use every day for my posts, like the app Hootsuite that will help you schedule your content for the most optimal times. Instagram is all about timing, and if people don’t see your posts they can’t engage with them. There is an app called Insta DP Viewer where you see the full-sized Instadp of any Instagram account. Also, apps like VSCO can help you to get eye-catching and unique photos that are sure to pop on any feed.

Get active followers with engagement group apps

With so many paid follower apps and follow for follow apps, the temptation to just get an Instagram followers app and rack up 1,000 followers in one day is strong. The problem with these kinds of followers is they often don’t actually engage in your content and leave likes or comments.

In this case, it’s much better to look for apps to join in on Instagram engagement groups or Instagram Pods. Then you can get real Instagram followers free that will actually leave fun and interesting comment on your recent posts and your following will grow from there more organically.

Learn engagement techniques for getting followers without following

Part of gaining a following is engaging in other posts yourself. There are many apps out there that can help you engage in posts and find other users that you will easily connect with. It’s also good to use your engagement groups or other social media networking forums to learn tips like the best Instagram comments to get followers.

Just by liking and commenting on other posts every day, you can get followers on Instagram without following and keep your Follower and Following Ratio high. You can also manage your comments to be sure that you’re keeping up with the comments left on your own photos.


With the right Instagram tools, you’re sure to start to build a bigger following of engaged and active followers. Don’t get discouraged if it’s going slower than you want it to! If you stay positive and keep at it; you’ll find the right tribe of people to share your content with, and you’ll enjoy the whole process of creating while you’re at it. Happy posting!

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