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Wireless Network write for us

Wireless Network Write for us

A wireless network is a communication network in which cables are eliminated, and data transmission runs using waves. We can classify different types of networks as systems used for the provision of the Internet, for the provision of mobile telephone services, or only for strictly personal use. Wireless networks today are an aspect of technology that has contributed a lot to changing the way communications are developing within society. They still have many more possibilities to offer, significantly increasing the amount of data they can transmit.

Characteristics and relevance

The primary function of a wireless network is to establish communication between different devices without cables. This circumstance is highly relevant to costs, saving a large amount of money for the wires that will be left aside. However, the main problem with this type of network is security. This circumstance has made it necessary to develop specific standards to keep them free of any attack or theft of information that may occur. In the case of the Internet, these security systems are named WPA, WP2, and WEP.

Waves that transmit information

However, Wireless-Network The waves used to trace a wireless network are varied. In the first case, we have radio waves, that get oriented in all directions and work at relatively low frequencies. Then we have so-called satellite microwaves, waves that are emitted from Earth to an orbiting satellite and, from there, are forwarded back down in an amplified manner. Finally, there are so-called terrestrial microwaves, waves that require satellite dishes that must be aligned to allow transmission.

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