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6 Best Apps to Track an iPhone Online in 2020 Legally

6 Best Apps to Track an iPhone Online in 2020 Legally

Apps to Track an iPhone Online

The need to learn how to hack someone’s phone with just number may arise due to different complex situations in our life. Be it a cheating or disloyal spouse, partner or lover. It can also be due to unruly children who like to stay out most of the time. You might need to find out what they are up to.

For such situations in order to either protect one’s pride, address a partner’s infidelity or even to protect your children the need to use monitoring or spy apps may exist. The best Spy app on the market today is Spyier and for that very reason we have given a brief Spyier review post below for our readers.

We have listed some of the world’s best, leading Spy apps for our users; they can easily decide what works best for them.

The Top 6 Apps to track an iPhone legally

#1. Spyier

We start the list off with the best Spy App in the world today. Spyier is the top app for spy purposes according to our opinion. It has gained fame worldwide and even PCMag has praised its working. Spyier app will help to know how to track an iPhone by number.Spyier

Spyier is fully legal and works excellently on iPhones and other Apple iOS devices. It will also work on Androids as well. The app works remotely and requires no physical possession of the target phone. You don’t have to void the warranty of a phone either as this works without root or jailbreak.Spyier 1

Tracking an iPhone with the use of Spyier is very simple. After you have set up an account you will be given real time updates of the device location, no matter where the tracked phone goes it will be shown to you. Spyier also has other very good features which give it a competitive edge.

Some of the main features included are:

  • Location tracker from GPS or even SIM number
  • Call history viewer
  • Text Message spy
  • Social Media monitoring
  • Keylogger function
  • Stealth mode

How to track an iPhone with Spyier

Step 1

Begin by visiting the Spyier website. Make an account at the website from any web browser of your choice. Fill out forms and pay the amount you are requested to pay.How to track an iPhone with Spyier Step one

Step 2

  • For Apple iOS Devices

Apple iPhones will be very easy to set up, actually they can be done so remotely. You need to know the credentials for the target’s cloud storage account, connect the cloud account with the Spyier account you previously made.How to track an iPhone with Spyier Step two

  • For Android Phones

If you plan on using the app for Androids later on, you will need to download a small file, which Spyier will provide. Install this file on the target phone.How to track an iPhone with Spyier Step two 1

Step 3

Once you have completed Step 1 and 2, the process should be complete. It should not have taken you more than a few minutes to do it. The app will start working within 10 minutes after the set up.How to track an iPhone with Spyier Step three

Now you will have full access to the location of an iPhone you have chosen to spy on. All movements, locations visited and more will be constantly updated to you in real time. The process is remote so you don’t have to worry about getting caught.

#2. Minspy

Another fantastic product and the second one in our list is none other than Minspy. It enjoys availability worldwide and is the closest rival to Spyier in terms of features and performance.Minspy

Through the use of Minspy you can easily track the location of an iPhone and other modern Apple devices. It is also legal and contains very similar features to Spyier. Track the location with the online dashboard of the Minspy account, access information remotely.

This is a great choice and a top tier spy service for the needs to catch someone in the act of doing wrong. Minspy will not disappoint anyone.

#3. Spyine

A more of a recently spiking app, Spyine has quickly risen to the top of the Spy app industry. It is an ever growing platform for continued tracking.Spyine

Spyine will allow users to not only track Android devices but also many Apple devices including iPhones. Make and account, pay your dues and enjoy the access to location and alerts of change in locations for your tracking needs.

Spyine works efficiently to deliver accurate results, it is also fairly easy to use and understand. This makes it a great choice for anyone interested.

#4. Spyic

Spyic has always had a good reputation among various web tech reviewers like Android Authority. It is also quite a famous spy app.Spyic

Spyic contains a very good balanced number of features. Not too many to overload a person. It will allow users to track a location of an iPhone very easily and effortlessly. You can use its GPS tracking or the network induced SIM tracker. It is also like the apps above, 100 percent legal.

Spyic will continue to be popular because well it does not have an apparent weakness. It excels at what it does.

#5. Neatspy

At number 5 in our list is the world famous, old age grandpa of Spy apps. Neatspy has been around since the start and shows no signs of slowing down.Neatspy

Neatspy has many great features. It is also user friendly and offers a very effective take on tracking location of both iPhones and Androids alike. It is obviously legal and works excellently remotely. You won’t have to render the warranty of a device void either, as no jailbreak or root is needed.

Another great choice in the time tested app. Neatspy is a solid pick.

#6. ClickFree

The last pick we have in our list is ClickFree. Clickfree has yet to really hit the big time waves in the Spy market but it does wonders if you give it a shot.ClickFree

ClickFree will work legally and remotely to ensure that users are able to track without worry. It has a stealth feature as well as a browser history recorder. This app will also allow users to track iPhones and other various Apple and Android devices just as well.

Although ClickFree might not be as well known as some of the other picks in our list, it does work just as well as the others. It is simple and effective; it also offers a good number of standard Spy features to go with location tracking.


As you can see there are many good choices if you plan on using a Spy app for tracking an iPhone legally. Minspy, Spyier and the others all work well, it would be hard to separate them but we picked Spyier as it just is better. We also gave a small Spyier review post at the start for that very reason.

We do hope your query of how to hack someone’s phone with just number has been resolved with all these great apps to choose from. No one will get away from cheating on you or making bad use of your trust.

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