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IT automation is the use of software systems to create repeatable instructions and processes to replace or reduce human interaction with IT systems. Automation software works within the limits of those instructions, tools, and frameworks to accomplish tasks with very little human intervention.

Automation is key to IT optimization and digital transformation. Modern and dynamic IT environments need to be able to adapt faster than ever, and IT automation is essential to make this possible.

How to implement process automation?

Only a certain level of automation applies to any IT task. Therefore, automation can be built-in and applied to anything from network automation to infrastructure, cloud deployment, and standard operating environments (SOE), and even configuration management and deployment of applications.

Automation applications and functions can get extended to cover specific technologies such as containers; methodologies, such as DevOps; and broader areas such as cloud, edge computing, security, testing, and monitoring or alerts.

IT provisioning

Provisioning is mostly heavy-duty, both on computers without an operating system and in a private, hybrid, or public cloud. A configured infrastructure is required to run commercial operations. What used to be primarily racks, boxes, and cables in a data center is now (mostly) ritualized resources, from software-defined data centers, networks, and storage to virtual machines and containers.

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