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Chromebooks are laptops with a Google operating system. If you are working all day in the cloud, browsing, and your priority is connectivity and mobility; you can have a very cheap laptop with many features. Its operating system work as per the Chrome browser. You have at your disposal all the extensions and applications that Chrome provides you.

To access a Chromebook, you will have to have a Gmail account (like when you enable your Android phone)

Example of the ones you will use the most every day:

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Doc
  • spreadsheets, presentations, from the Google Drive suite.
  • YouTube
  • Google+


Also, almost all Android apps work on a Chromebook. Chromebooks have practically no local storage; everything works on your cloud account. When you buy a Chromebook, you have a 100Gb gift in the Drive cloud for two years.

 The main characteristics of a Chromebook

  • Its portability: In almost all models, you will find screens from 11-13 ″, that is, very easy to transport to work anywhere.
  • Your Storage: it does not have local storage disks; it works on all your files in the cloud.
  • Hardware: As it has good experience browsing, you don’t need to have a big processor to work correctly.
  • The best is very cheap: it is a laptop, at the price of a mid-range Smartphone.
  • Very economical: it is a laptop at a mid-range smartphone price.
  • You have the possibility of all the functions of your day to day without the problems of a traditional laptop.
  • As all the applications are in the cloud, you do not need to install or maintain them.
  • There are hardly any viruses, and the Chrome browser itself controls them.
  • They are native devices to connect to the network.

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