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W3C is the initials of the World Wide Web Consortium and is an international community where member states work to develop standards for web development and thus help better development of the Internet worldwide.

Furthermore, W3C is recognized worldwide for being the organization in charge of standardizing Hypertext Markup Language or better known as HTML, which is useful for the design and development of websites, this standard started in 1994 (it is essential to clarify that before W3C worked on HTML, other organizations had developed previous versions).

However, the objectives of W3C go beyond the development of HTML and work on other projects to provide new options for the development of websites, so much so that in recent years they have concentrated their efforts on the development of XHTML, an advanced version of HTML that intends to replace it in the coming years.

On the other hand, W3C focuses on four objectives that we describe below:

Web for all: Accessibility for everyone globally, without technological limitations or cultural barriers. Network Above All: Try to add the maximum number of devices to the web. Currently, it is in an opening process where PDAs, Televisions are starting their way to the Internet. Knowledge Base: Allow each user to make good use of the web. Security: Guide the development of the network respecting the legal, commercial, and social aspects originated by this technology. In this way, W3C becomes an organization of great importance at a world level, since the standards that it presents can influence how web development progresses worldwide.

What are web domains?

A domain is a set of alphanumeric characters that make up a unique name that is linked to and defines a website.

Furthermore, the concept of a domain is similar to the identity document, unique registration key or identity card, in which an alphanumeric code identifies us as a person within our country, in the digital world of the Internet we identify websites through the use of domains.

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