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router imageThe router is a device that operates in layer three of level 3. Thus, it allows several networks or computers to connect and, for example, share the same Internet connection.

A router uses a routing protocol, which allows it to communicate with other routers or routers and share information to determine the fastest and most appropriate route to send data.

How does router works?

A typical router works in a control plane (in this plane, the device obtains information about the most effective output for a specific data packet), and in a forwarding plane (in this plane, the method is in charge of sending the data packet received to another interface).

The router has multiple more or less mixed uses. In its most common usage, a router allows multiple computers in a small home or office to take advantage of the same Internet connection. The router operates as receiver of the network connection, distributing it to all the equipment connected to it. Thus, a network or the Internet connects with another local area.

Today, it is easy to obtain a router more or less economically from different brands. There are also those routers that use open-source software and therefore allow significant economic savings. Furthermore, the software works in such a way that it facilitates operation between networks, even if there is no dedicated use team.

Lastly, recently designed wireless routers, which operate with fixed and mobile networks and, therefore, can provide a WiFi connection to different devices within a home, office, or even in a larger space.

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