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Video Promotion write for us

video promotion write for us

Video Promotion or video marketing consists of the use of audiovisual content as the main element in achieving the promotional and also communication goals of brands.

The purpose of this tactic as a marketing methodology is to increase sales, user loyalty, reinforce messages, and also achieve brand recognition. And he does it since, according to a study by the Unruly agency, video ads stimulate the desire to buy by 97% and improve brand positioning by 139%.

Likewise, 65% of users usually view at least three-quarters of a video, so the content does not get wasted, and the message gets transmitted without interruptions.

Advantages of Video Promotion

Video marketing has multiple applications in the commercial and also advertising processes of companies. These are the main ones.

Lead Nurturing:

Video Promotion can be present in all processes related to lead nurturing, taking care of your leads.

If you want to educate your potential customer to prepare them for their next purchase, you can show the benefits and applications of your value offers through the different video marketing resources such as streaming, content on YouTube, IGTV, stories, and others.

On the different platforms and also social networks, videos have proven to be user favourites to learn about the properties and uses of products to make purchasing decisions.

What Buyer See?

Comparisons, opinions, reviews, tips, and also promotions. According to Google statistics, 80% of buyers consume one or more of these contents in the audiovisual format before making a transaction.

And it is that the videos promote identification with the brand and also nurture the desire of the viewer with ease.

Why Is Video More Striking?

An audiovisual resource is capable of communicating powerful linguistic discourses, sensory messages, and stimulating the imagination at the same time. It is around strategy.

Optimization of Email Marketing Campaigns:

Video email marketing is a booming technique for customer acquisition, brand loyalty, and also remarketing.

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