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Blogging Write for us

Blogging write for usBlogging is keeping a blog, a kind of website with many pages, which can we can keep as a personal or professional journal. Blogging includes not only writing for the blog but also having knowledge about the tools and strategies that make that blog more visible. If we use the blog strategically to get more visibility of the website, then it is said that it is an inbound marketing tool.

What is a blog?

The word blogging is born from a contraction weblog. In the beginning, the blog was used as a personal diary where a topic of interest gets discussed, to share it. However, it has been such a powerful tool to provoke interaction that it has become a corporate marketing tool in some cases and a direct business tool in others.

Although the blog has its beginnings in the 1994 decade, it has become more popular today since content managers are used that makes it very easy to write blog posts; previously, you had to have some technical programming knowledge to write to them. Among the most popular content managers are Blogger (Google’s free content manager) and WordPress (the most popular in the blogging community, free and paid).

When you acquire a free content manager, you have some limitations to make it grow as a business; also you will not have your web address, but assign it. For example, if you decide to have a blog on blogger, the page will be hosted on, and your domain would be, or if you acquire it free from wordpress, your domain would be

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