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Top 5 Hidden Spy Apps (2020 Updated)

Top 5 Hidden Spy Apps (2020 Updated)

Have you ever thought about using a spy app to monitor someone’s activities? If yes, then we have great news for you. After going through hundreds of spy applications, we have found our list of top 5 hidden spy apps that work in 2020 and beyond.

With these applications, you can monitor someone’s messages, call logs, browsing history, location, and many other things. The best thing is that you do not need to touch the targeted device to monitor it.

All of it can be done by just installing an application or by verifying the iCloud account. Additionally, you get the Free Demo by Spyine that shows you how to monitor any device remotely. Here are the best-hidden spy apps which may help even those without experience.


Top 5 Hidden Spy Apps (2020 Updated)

Spyine is the top spy app that works with any device you want. It is a phone monitoring app which helps to spy or monitor any device you want. Additionally, it is a straightforward and reliable way to check the activities of your loved ones with just a simple click.

The best thing is that it does not require any jailbreak or root to work. To verify, you have to secretly download a Spyine app on their phone and monitor their activities on your phone. For iPhone, you can verify their phone by entering their iCloud credentials in your Spyine account.

Features of Spyine

Whatsapp Spy

This feature of Spyine helps to spy on someone’s WhatsApp message without letting them know.

Browser History

It allows you to check the browsing history of the targeted device.

Data Security

This application ensures the data security of its users. Not even the employees of their organization have the right to your data.


Top 5 Hidden Spy Apps (2020 Updated)

Neatspy is a great spying application for those looking for an easy and reliable way to monitor a device. A lot of users have tried this new yet effective application and have not faced any problem with it.

You can spy on this platform without performing any root or jailbreak on the targeted device. It comes with a lot of useful tools to spy someone’s device with minimum efforts.

If you are someone who does not know much about spying, you can use their step by step guide to learn more about it.

Features of Neatspy Application


Neatspy comes with a keylogger that records all the messages and passwords typed in the device. Additionally, you can filter the messages and passwords based on the application and contacts where they were used.

Stealth Mode

This feature helps you get the best spying experience while protecting your identity from the device.

Instagram Spy

It allows you to check the Instagram account in the targeted device. Additionally, it does not let them know about the activities and status of their account.


Top 5 Hidden Spy Apps (2020 Updated)

ClickFree is a great option for people looking for an easy and fast way to monitor someone’s smartphone. You get all the fancy features and tools that you require at a very affordable price. People prefer this application for spying due to its fast syncing speed.

It is 2-3 times faster than the other applications in syncing their data to your account server. After that, you can check their data as many times as you want.

Additionally, it is way safer than most of the applications that you find on the internet. Just complete the verification process, and you will be able to use it.

Feature of ClickFree Application

Better Sync

It has got the fastest sync among all the spying applications in the world. You can expect it to complete the syncing process without making you wait much.

Easy to Use

The application is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the beginners in the spying world. Anyone can use it with the effective tips that you get on their platform.


It is affordable than most of the spying applications and costs you only $9.99/ month.


Top 5 Hidden Spy Apps (2020 Updated)

Minspy is one of the most trusted phone monitoring applications in the world. It was one of the first applications that introduced this easy and reliable way to spy on any device remotely. People still prefer to use it for their data as it is a private application.

The application has an advanced keylogger that can help you retrieve all those deleted messages and passwords right from your home. Additionally, the tracking features of this application make it a unique and effective way to spy.

Features of Minspy Application

SIM tracking

Minspy is equipped with a great feature to track the SIM location of the targeted device. It works even when the GPS and the internet connection is turned off.

Private Application

It helps you keep the data limited to your account. It means that no one other than you can have access to the retrieved data at any cost.

WhatsApp Spy

The Whatsapp Spy feature of this application works great for beginners and experts as well. You can check their conversations, status, and do much more with this feature.


Top 5 Hidden Spy Apps (2020 Updated)

Spyic is one of the most popular phone tracking apps. Additionally, It is the most used web application in today’s world. It offers the parental control feature that gives you an additional set of tools to monitor the device.

It may be a little harder to use this application. However, it does not require you to jailbreak or root the phone. Hence it is one of the most trustworthy spying apps.

Features of Spyic Application

Stealth Mode

The application has an auto stealth mode that protects your identity from the potential data leaks.

Browser History

It allows you to check the targeted phone’s web history even if it is deleted.

Call Logs Viewer

You can check the call logs of the device by using this feature.


The market is full of spammy applications that steal your data instead of helping you out. Finding the right hidden spy app is a challenging task. However, the list of top 5 hidden spy apps that we have shared with you is tested by real users and works great for them.

The first application, Spyine, is even recognized by Forbes for its amazing performance in the industry. Hence, you can choose any of the above applications and start spying on your friends to surprise them.

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