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How can I Monitor My Child’s Phone for Free?

How can I Monitor My Child’s Phone for Free?

Nowadays mobile phones have become one of the necessities of life. It is useful for everyone starting from a corporate leader to a nursery student. The new technologies are really attracting everyone towards it. It is useful for many functions of life including studies. There are several sites which offer easy and handy tricks to learn the lessons more conveniently. That’s why the kids also are getting attracted to this device.

But the problem arises when there is a lack of control over the use of mobiles by the kids of the family. Since the internet is enriched with every aspect of knowledge and entertainment, there are many good and bad things available simultaneously. On the other hand, excessive use of mobile phones makes the kids stagnant in one place which is not a very healthy habit for them. In modern days, parents are also busy with their professional life. Due to the immense pressure of the profession, they get lesser time to spend with their children. Lack of supervision on the kids may lead them towards the forbidden things on the internet.

What Actually Parental Control is?

Many of the parents think eventually that if they would have such tools to control the uses of mobile phones from any remote location, nothing could have been better than it. this is why the companies who design antivirus for the computer and mobile phones, have developed such a tool to control the usage of mobile phones and the internet by the parents from any remote location even if they are not in direct control.

This is basically software that lets you control the usage of mobile phones and the internet by your kids even if you are not at home with them. This software not only works on the mobile operating platforms, but it is also capable of getting included in the digital media of entertainment like the television, computer, etc. Free parental control can restrict the access of contents they are searching for along with limiting the time of usage. Many contents on the internet may be considered inappropriate and vulgar for the kids. Installing parental control software allows you to limit the sites that are searched by them.

Parental Control Saves You from

  • Online Threats

In the modern era of globalization, everything has come online. Starting from your grocery shopping to your travel booking, everything has come to your paws through the online sites. Along with them, several threats also have appeared in your device silently. There are several kinds of online threats that can cause loss of your personal data regarding your banking and financial activities. Not only this, but you may also face mental, emotional harassment too. Your children also may come under these unethical activities and they are very soft targets for those actors.

  • Online Predators

There are several people sitting on the other side of the online platform who may force you to do unethical and unlawful activities. Their activities can cause serious mental and emotional trauma to your kids.

  • Cyber Bullying

It is one of the newest activities by older children. Your child may be bullied or blackmailed regarding some activities and it may lead them to a severe level of depression and trauma too. This new phenomenon is not also coming under the jurisdiction of neither the schools nor any other organization. It is very much difficult to identify if your child is getting bullied or not. Parental control helps you to take precautions against these activities and help your kids to get a healthy mind for society.

  • Cyber Crime

It is a common saying that the adults indulge themselves in cybercrimes. But there are many minors also who are involved in these activities. The kids and teenagers are the soft targets of professional criminals. In the initial stages, they will get your personal information from your device and then they will start blackmailing you to get indulge with them in their criminal activities. They exploit the knowledge of these children and make money out of them.

Importance of Parental Control

It allows the parents to keep track of the activities of their children and if needed you can forbid them from certain activities. The parental control app helps you to stop your child from getting bullied or exploited. You can control the activities of your child and keep track of the websites they are visiting through. It also allows you to get protection from the harmful viruses, spyware, and malware and so on. You can control the extent of usage of mobile phones and internet and stop your child from getting addicted to this.

Some Popular Parental Control Apps

1. Qustodio

It can operate on several operating systems like Windows Mac, Android, Kindle, iOS and so on. The parental control version is free and comprehensively used. I allow you to schedule the usage of mobile phones and the internet. It also restricts certain sites that you don’t want your child to access.

2. Norton

The family parental control of Norton is another popular version of parental control software. The name itself is very popular in the market of anti-virus. It helps you to track the activities of your kids better. Through this app you can look into the web pages your kid is visiting. It also allows you to block some of the sites which are inappropriate for your child.

3. Kaspersky SafeKids

It is developed in the lab of the famous Kaspersky Company which is another famous name in the market of anti-virus. You can keep track of the online activities of your kids. The USP of this app is it can control a device from another device where the app is installed.

4. Screen Time Parental Control

It gives you accurate data on the timing and content that your child is going through on the internet. It allows you to restrict the timing of usage of mobile phones and the internet. It comes in a multi-user mode where it can be used by up to 6 children.

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