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Solutions to Bypass Your Google Account

Solutions to Bypass Your Google Account

In most cases, you are required to facilitate a Google Account Verification to enable a factory reset and access the device, which may or may not come handy depending on your situation. A safe escape would be to use an alternative to bypass Google account that skips the verification process. When looking around software tools to adhere to the concern, try hands at using the Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock application.

Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock is a smart application that works to unlock your Android smartphone while letting you bypass google account process post a factory reset of your device. You can conveniently depend on the tool to take up the android lock screen removal with utmost ease and safety. On terms of using the app, let us look through the following user guide to understand how does it work to unlock your device:

How to use Dr. Fone – Screen Unlock (Android) to Bypass Google Account

Step 1: Download and Launch the App

Start with downloading the app in your PC from the latter’s official website and proceed to install the same. Next, launch the app to be greeted by its welcome screen.

Step 2: Connecting the Devices

Move ahead with connecting your Android smartphone with the PC via a lightening cable, followed by selecting ‘Screen Unlock’ from the app’s main interface and choosing the ‘Unlock Android Screen/FRP’ option. In the list of option that follows next, click on ‘Remove Google FRP Lock’. Do ensure a smooth Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the process.

Connecting the Devices

Step 3: Using the Dr. Fone Toolkit

For versions later than Android 7 and 8, completion of step 2 will automatically redirect you to the ‘’ page. However, for the aforesaid versions, you will have to click on the notification on your locked phone and select ‘Android 7/8’.

Using the Dr. Fone Toolkit

Step 4: APK Download

On the official toolkit page of the app, tap ‘Download APK’ and proceed to download the Dr. Fone APK file and install it in your system by clicking on the ‘Open’ option.

APK Download

Step 5: Security Permissions

As you click on ‘Open’ in Step 4, a security prompt pops up. Tap the ‘Allow From This Source’ tab to enable the option in the ‘Settings’ page of the app. This should be followed by tapping the ‘Back to the Installation’ tab, which makes you land back on the app installation page. Here, you need to complete the APK installation process, while following the successively appearing screen instructions.

Security Permissions

Step 6: Almost There!

As the installation process finishes, hit ‘Done’ in the bottom right corner and you will be directed back to the ‘APK Download’ page. When you are here, click on ‘Open Settings’ and follow the upcoming screen instructions to bypass your Google account.

Almost There


There may be a variety of instances where you need to bypass google account. While the commonest method to do so is opting a factory reset of the device, the real problem lies with the Google account verification process. Everything seems fine if you have your Google credentials at hand, but if not, this can be a really annoying task to handle.

If you are looking through convenient escapes on how to bypass google account verification after reset, Wondershare  Dr.Fone- Screen Unlock can be a dependable FRP bypass tool to go ahead with the process. Thanks to its easy working method and step wise screen instructions, you can unlock an Android phone within minutes without the Google ID and password.

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