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What is a Webcam? Definition, Uses, Types and More

Webcam Definition

A webcam is a video camera that streams a picture or video progressively to a PC or through an arranged PC. For example, the Internet.

Before entering fully into the establishment of the meaning webcam, it is necessary to know the etymological cause of the two words that shape it.

Camera, first of all, is a word that derives from Greek. Specifically, it comes from “kamára.”

Web, secondly, it is a term that comes from English “web,” which is synonymous with “mesh” or “network.”

The first webcams were small, and they captured images and video in low resolution, partly because the data transmission speed over the internet was regular, and not to shoot costs. And they were also effortless. A connection cable, a small focusing device, and support to place them at the right distance were the most common accessories. Now good web cams have much higher resolution and quality.

At first, they emerged as an idea to allow the first video conferences and video calls. As the intention was not to get high-resolution portraits.

They did not need a high optic, being the first VGA resolution formats (320×240), enough to see gestures and faces, but not many details.

Webcams spread worldwide following the advance of the internet. First, with the chats (the most veteran, you will remember the mythical IRC )and then with the video chats and video blogs.

Its use has also been extended in terms of security and leisure; there are currently millions of webcams that allow you to see what happens to live anywhere in the world, just having an internet connection.

The latter cameras do not need a computer to send the images to the network but are entirely autonomous.

Now we have cameras of all kinds, from high resolution, integrated with the monitor, with built-in microphones, even sticking to the wall, taking snapshots in burst or allowing talk and view at the same time regardless of the monitor.

Webcam Uses

The term camera has multiple applications. This time we are interested in its meaning as the device that allows you to take pictures. Web, meanwhile, is a concept that refers to a computer network.

The notion of webcam alludes to the camera type digital that connects to a computer (PC) to record and transmit images via the Internet.

This transmission is in private (between two or more processors) or public (by disseminating the photos on a website or a social network).

Web cameras constitute a technological evolution of the first cameras. The first cameras captured and recorded the photos in a chemical film.

Then, have to reveal roll or reel, a process that allowed to capture the images on paper. The photos, in short, were stored printed on material support.

The advances of computing, digital cameras emerge: unlike analog cameras, in this case, the photos save as digital data. So, we observe them on computers or televisions without printing them.

Web cameras, in this framework, are digital cameras specially designed to work connected to a computer with Internet access.  It is used for videoconferences and live broadcasts. Surveillance tasks also use Web cameras.

Notwithstanding the majority of the abovementioned, we should call attention to that it has likewise turned into a first device as a rule for the popular YouTubers or bloggers.

Beyond these uses, webcams also allow you to register photos stored on the computer. In other words, user photographs, save the image, and then send it by email, for example.

In the same way, we must bear in mind that the existence of webcams has led to the emergence of a new idea of having sex.

It is cybersex and consists of two people making a video call to be able to get intimate. Rising conversations, being naked, and even masturbation are the fundamental pillars of this type of close “last generation” relationship.

Types of Webcams

Webcam needs a computer to transmit images. However, other autonomous cameras only need an access point to the computer network, either ethernet or wireless.

Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000

Enjoy images with perfect, crisp details with QuickCam Pro 9000. Carl Zeiss optical components and autofocus for always sharp photos, even in close-ups.

AXIS 215 PTZ Network Camera

The AXIS 215 PTZ is a camera with day/night vision that offers horizontal/vertical motion control and zoom through IP networks. The AXIS 215 PTZ has a compact tamper-proof design that protects against tampering. Since all moving parts are inside the housing.

This versatile camera is the best choice for indoor environments such as shops, receptions, banks, and other facilities. Where you will need both complete vision and the possibility of expanding to perform detailed inspections

D-Link SECURICAM DCS-910 10/100 Fast Ethernet Internet Camera

Equipped with its Web server, this IP camera connects to a home network to transfer images in real-time over the Internet to any computer equipped with a Web browser. Unlike a webcam, you don’t need a computer to work.

How to Operate A Webcam video Explained

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