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What is a Tablet? Definition, Features, Benefits and More

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Tablet Definition

An electronic tablet is a lightweight device that has tried to integrate the best features of a mobile phone and a computer. Such as, access all the information contained in the network.

Just as we can use it to read an e-book, watch videos, Movies listen to music, view photographs or digital images. They are also excellent for capturing data in text, filming videos, taking pictures and capturing audio.


The first to arrive was the iPad, launched by Apple in 2010. With the promise of revolutionising the leisure market through a device with multiple benefits reaching commercial success by finally providing the right interface.

Currently, virtually all manufacturers of electronic equipment have ventured into the production of electronic tablets. Which has led to the market being flooded with a huge number of tablets with different sizes, applications, price, and operating systems:

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What are the features of a Tablet?

They integrate processors that consume less energy, although they incorporate less memory. There are models available in the market that include a micro SD slot, thus increasing storage possibilities.

By being a panoramic format device they stand out for their lightness, versatility and small dimensions (between 7 ‘and 10’) which greatly facilitates their portability.

They are intuitive, fast tools that do not require instrumental learning by the user. So, for the first time, it is a technology that adapts to the user and not vice versa.


What are the benefits of a Tablet?

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