What Is Newsjacking? – Definition, Advantages, And More

Definition Newsjacking

Newsjacking is a novel marketing technique that, if you apply it well, can echo your brand or company to the point of making it viral on the web and social platforms.

Like everything in life, marketing has had to evolve and adapt to current trends.

Consumers behave differently, and with it, some dissemination strategies have become obsolete, and new and better ones have emerged, like this one that we want to show you.

From a literal point of view, Newsjacking translates as “news hijacking,” and in practice, it is a Digital Marketing technique that uses relevant news and news to spread or expose a brand or product.

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How is the process of creating a Newsjacking?

Find the news of the moment

The first thing is that you must be attentive to everything that happens in your environment to find information that is very relevant for the Internet and social network users.

For example:- a concert, the end of a sports championship, a political event, or any event that captures public attention.

Find the connection between the news and your brand

Then, you have to create and publish content that echoes this event, and that includes a message from the brand. For example, the point of view about an event, products, or services that resemble what happened.

Be creative and fast, so as not to lose the timing and also be very careful with the tone you give it. Being moderate can prevent users from rejecting your post.

Help it reach the hands of those who can spread it

Then the content is broadcast, but not by their own hands, it must be the news agencies that do this work.

How? Well, as it is an event of the moment, many journalists will surely be on the news, and some will want a different approach to it. Therefore, it is advisable to provide professionals with access to such content (we will tell you below how).

Now, surely you are wondering what this technique contributes to your Inbound Marketing strategy.

What are the advantages of Newsjacking?

The benefits of using Newsjacking are simple:

  • viral content and reach thousands or hundreds of thousands of users;
  • increase traffic on your website;
  • gain a large number of followers on your social networks;
  • increase the number of leads, add users to an Email Marketing campaign, among others.

So, Newsjacking is a technique that serves to generate visits and traffic to your social platforms and website, which triggers the possibility of contacting users interested in your products or services.

Since you know the step by step to create it and the advantages of applying it to your Inbound Marketing strategy, it is necessary to understand what is behind the development of Newsjacking.

Newsjacking best practices

Learn to identify relevant news

The essential and most important thing is to find an event that is important for the masses, that is related to your brand, and that is of interest to your buyer persona.

For this, it is necessary to carry out an investigation and study some data:

  • user concerns within the environment in which the brand is present;
  • upcoming events and which may be useful to spread the brand;
  • follow current news sources such as the media, news agencies, bloggers, among others;

Search and analyze the most popular trends of the moment. Investigate trending topics on Twitter, enter keywords in Google Trends to see the level of searches or YouTube Trends Map to know which videos are gaining notoriety on the platform.

You must measure social conversion on issues related to politics, religion, or economics. It is dangerous ground.

In this way you will know what is trending on the Internet at a particular moment, you can “catch” news that is booming and take advantage of the wave of attention that is being given to it publicly.

Cause journalists and influencers to be interested in your content

After having the material ready, the critical step is that it reaches the eyes of those who can spread it more quickly and effectively.

Today journalists and influencers have the platforms and the audience to cause content to go viral and expose thousands or even millions of people.

Some tips you can follow to achieve this level of dissemination are:

Publish to the blog and the online press room: Google and other search engines index in real-time, which could benefit you and position the content in the search results.

Alerting the media

It is a good idea that when you upload material to the online press room. You send a notification or alert to the media, so they are aware.

Offer online statements for journalists and influencers

Sometimes, content broadcasters are not available to view or listen to your material. Posting an online conference for them allows them to view it later.

Make direct contact

Perhaps the easiest way to make sure your content reaches them. You can do this through Twitter or some other platform where they are connected, such as instant messaging or email.

With any of these means, you can increase the chances that these professionals. And content creators will see your material and that they can help you effectively apply Newsjacking.

Newsjacking is a beautiful technique for the position. And exposes your brand in front of thousands of people on the web and social networks.

Remember, you need to be fast, creative, use communication resources to please the audience. And take care of your tone when faced with sensitive issues.

If you learn how to apply it effectively, you will attract many users to your social platforms, website, and blog. It increases the number of visitors and the chances of conversion.

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