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Tableau Write For Us

Tableau Write For Us

Tableau is a business intelligence and data visualization tool. This tool is more than data visualization. It is one of the most complete Business Intelligence tools in recent years. In other words, it is an end-to-end platform for performing data analytics.

Even Gartner Inc. has positioned itself for the fifth consecutive year as having the highest capacity for analytics and business intelligence platforms.

Although Tableau is indeed a tool whose cost is not low, there is a free version of Tableau called Tableau Public. Within this public Tableau product, we have these two:

Tableau Public Desktop

It has some limitations compared to Tableau Desktop, which is paid as if your Tableau workbook had to be saved in Tableau Public Cloud. Another limitation is that you can only work with local data.

Tableau Public Server

The Tableau Company hosts it in the cloud. All of its workbooks and data are freely available through Tableau Public Cloud. When it comes to data sources, they must all be excerpts and cannot have rows exceeding one million.

Tableau On-Line

Tableau is an analysis platform hosted in the cloud. Visualizations and dashboards can be shared with the Tableau community online. It is accessible from a web browser on a desktop computer and a smartphone.

Tableau Prep

Mainly intended for data analysis. Allows users to perform EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) and build data streams quickly and safely

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Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews -Tableau Write for Us

Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews - Tableau Write for Us

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