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What is a Samsung Knox? – Definition, How Does it Work and More

What is a Samsung Knox? – Definition, How Does it Work and More

What is Samsung Knox?

Samsung Knox is a superior security layer found in top-notch Samsung phones that can separate and isolate personal and commercial data from users.

You can almost imagine it as a way to turn the phone in two because of the way it manages the applications and the data that those applications create. As well as any information that enters them.

To migrate between the two layers, touch the Knox icon and enter a password. This password is unique and independent of any password you use to unlock the phone.

So even if someone could skip the lock screen, Knox’s protected data would be inaccessible without some sophisticated tricks from people trying to override the secure software like their life. Then it helps patch things up so that those tricks don’t work anymore.

Once you go on the Knox-protected side of your mobile phone, you only have access to some applications: Camera, Gallery, Email, My Files, Phone, Contacts, Samsung Internet Browser, Downloads, and S Planner.

You can add other applications to the Knox protected layer. And they will be “copied” to a place where they and your data will be kept separate from the same form in the “regular” layer of your phone.

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How Does it work?

Knox needs two things to work. You need the right phone: not all Samsung (or watches and tablets) are compatible with Knox, and also you can see the list of compatible devices here.

  • You will also need the right software, and you can find Samsung’s secure folder in the Play Store. If you use a compatible mobile phone to search for it; It will not be shown if you are using a device that cannot install it.
  • There is also a third important component that you can use for business management: Knox Premium or an equivalent.
  • This is not something I would use at home. And it is a way for an IT department to manage the Knox layer on the phones that are part of the server group.

It is basically a cloud-based management solution created to work with Knox and a secure turnkey platform.

Do you need to use it?

It does not carry top secret information and nobody is following it and trying to steal your data. But organizations and people that do want to take user data are opportunistic.

It may not be a goal. But they will be more than happy to get everything they could in case they found your phone.

  • Using Knox to handle the things that you think need to be insured is secure and has an excellent safety record.
  • Samsung Knox is also an excellent way to hide specific files and folders from others who may have access to your phone from time to time, such as siblings or roommates.
  • By placing an app inside Knox, you have hidden your data unless you know the password; And you can also use the My Files application to protect any file or folder from prying eyes.
  • You probably won’t want to use Samsung Knox for your daily tasks. Such as text messaging or your contacts (although you could do it).
  • But for anything you think is a bit sensitive; Think “things you never want mom to see,” Knox is a great way to make sure.

You don’t have to be part of a business organization to value your privacy. And Samsung has given you a perfect tool to do so.

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