One of the biggest challenges of being a graphic designer is standing out. Making your work noticeable from the competition while still delivering on the quality your clients would expect. Because while it theoretically is easy to stand out as an artist, oftentimes it comes at the expense of profitability. You want to be unique but not alienating.

This fear of scaring off prospective clients has unfortunately caused a phenomenon where a lot of graphic design work looks the same. Fortunately, there are tools that can help alleviate this problem. A big one is professional blob makers like the ones from Movidmo Blob Maker. Blobs have become really popular in recent years as they add randomness and spontaneity to static designs.

With a professional blob maker, you can customize not only the color but also the shape and speed of animation with a few button clicks and slides, allowing you to test a variety of blobs in order to find one that fits your unique design. In this article, we will explore why professional blob makers are a must-have for graphic designers. Continue reading the article below to learn more.

Add Dynamic Shapes To Your Design

Most graphic design projects utilize the core shapes for their design: the square, the circle, and the triangle. Within these shapes, the variations are limitless. Theoretically, you can make everything. But for some reason, every social media ad, every PowerPoint presentation, every poster kind of looks the same. This is because we graphic designers are inspired and influenced by each other and by the past. Because we share the same source materials for our designs it’s very hard to distinguish our work from others. This is why professional blob makers, like Movidmo Blob Maker, are so helpful to graphic designers looking to get out of a rut. These tools add randomness and spontaneity to existing design trends, allowing graphic designers to experiment with new ideas and explore new design avenues.

Add Unique Animations To Your Videos

The randomness of the shape of blobs by services like Movidmo Blob Maker also applies to the animation. With professional tools, you can dictate the speed of the animation, and along with the randomness of the shape, you can add unique animations to static videos. So, if you’re struggling to create a captivating presentation or social media ad, we highly recommend you try a professional blob maker like Movidmo Blob Maker.

Professional Blob Makers Are More Than Meets The Eye

It may seem like simple technology but there is a lot going on under the hood of professional blob makers like Movidmo Blob Maker. They rely on creating random sets of points along a shape to create unique blobs, and with a simple click of a button you can instantly create a new blob shape, until you find one that fits your design. If you are looking to create a unique design or presentation a professional blob maker can help you.