What Makes Solar Power Systems a Great Value Buy

Given the rising demand for solar power systems, it would be safe to assume that most of us are already aware of the benefits of installing a solar power panel system.. But still there are many who are yet to install a solar power system on their properties.

What about you?

Are you one of those who are already reaping the benefits of a solar power system or one of those who are yet to take the plunge?

Well, if you haven’t installed a solar power system on your property already chances are that you are not aware of the amazing benefits it offers. And if that is the case, we recommend that you continue reading this post to find out what benefits you are losing out on by not installing a solar power system on your property.

1. Reduced Energy Bills

Do you know that the electricity produced by your solar power system will not cost you a penny? Yes, that’s a fact. The solar energy is 100 percent FREE. The only cost you need to bear is the upfront cost of buying and installing a solar power system.

Typically, an average household is able to recover the initial cost of setting a solar power system within 3 to 8 years of its installation. Which means the you get to make great returns on your solar power system for the rest of its life.

2. Feed-in tariffs

Are you worried about the energy cost that you will have to bear when the solar power system is not generating enough energy? Well, we won’t deny that you will have to pay to your local grid for the energy that you consume when there’s an energy deficit.

But let us also tell you that when your solar power system produces excess energy then that surplus energy can be transferred to the local grid so that it can be adjusted in your energy bill. So let’s say you consumed 50 units of energy from your local grid and transferred 40 units of surplus energy to the local grid. In this scenario, you only need to pay for 1o units.

3. Storage Benefits

Another way to avoid the high energy tariffs charged by your local grid or to completely reduce your dependence on your local grid is to install solar batteries. This will help you store surplus energy in the solar batteries which can be used later when there’s no Sun or when the solar power system is not generating enough energy. Installing solar batteries is highly recommended in far off areas where there’s no local grid supply.

4. Peace of Mind

When you install a solar power system you get relief from a myriad of issues. For instance, you don’t have to worry about the huge energy bills before running the heavy load appliances such as air conditioners, geysers, microwaves, washing machines and more. Also, you don’t have to worry about the increase in energy rates.

Last but not least, you reduce your reliance on your local grid which means if there’s frequent shedding or long power outages in your area, you can rest assured that your solar power system will take care of it.

5. Better Rental Deals

Now this is one benefit that most people don’t think of. If you have a solar power system installed on your property and you decide to rent your property you will surely get a better deal as compared to someone (with a similar property as yours and in the same area) who doesn’t have a solar power system installed on their property. The same holds true when it comes to selling a property. Reports suggest that properties with solar power systems installed on them fetch better value as compared to ones with no solar power system.

The Bottom Line

Going solar is a very smart decision. The sooner you decide to go solar, the sooner you will start reaping the benefits of installing a solar power system. And just in case you have been procrastinating the move because you are unsure where to start, we recommend that you get in touch with the solar experts team at Luminous India. One of their solar experts will work closely with you to understand your requirements and to help you select the right solar power system for your home.