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The Basic Understanding of Pay Per Click Advertising

The Basic Understanding of Pay Per Click Advertising

With stiff competition in the business climate, business owners need to be innovative in their marketing campaign to get more people to be aware of their brands. One way to achieve this is to create a digital marketing campaign by creating company websites and social media pages. While having a website is a must for every business, making people aware of your website is another challenge.

A study has revealed that around seventy-five per cent of searchers do not scroll past the first page of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). This statistic means that if your website is not ranked high in SERPs, then it will not be noticed by most searchers. It is therefore important for business website owners to implement strategies that would make their website visible to a wider range of audience. There are several ways to achieve this.

Business owners may hire the services of SEO experts to increase their website’s ranking through “organic” search. Another strategy for reaching a wider audience is through social media marketing campaigns where business owners create company-dedicated social media pages. The third option is for business owners to implement a Pay-per-click marketing campaign. This blog will focus more on discussing what Pay-per-click is all about and what benefits your business will get when you hire a pay per click advertising services.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay-per-click is a marketing strategy in which business owners place bids to have their ads show up in the sponsored results of SERPs when a searcher enters keywords that are associated with your ads.

How Does Pay Per Click Marketing Work?

As the name implies, when you use pay per click advertising services, you will have to pay the search engine a fee every time your ad is clicked, and the search engine sends a searcher to your website. If you think that PPC marketing is going to be a costly investment, think again. If you have a good PPC marketing campaign, your paid ads will be displayed on top of websites that will appear from organic searches. This means that even if your website does not have a high ranking in SERPs, you can still have your ads displayed before high ranking websites through PPC marketing. Because of this, the fee that you are paying for every click will be well-compensated.

How Much Does Pay Per Click Marketing Cost?

When you launch a PPC marketing campaign in Google Ads, you will choose the keyword or keyword phrases that will activate your ads. You will then set a maximum amount that you are willing to pay Google for each click of your ad. The cost per click will depend on the industry your business belongs to. Businesses under legal services belong to highly competitive industries where clients pay high costs for services. Legal services websites are expected to pay more than $30 to $40 per click. On the other hand, businesses that belong to less competitive industries are expected to pay from a few cents to $2 per click.

How Does Google Rank Your PPC Ads?

Google will rank your ads based on the bids that you placed for each click. If your bid is the highest for a specific keyword or keyword phrase, then your ad will appear on top of the SERPs. On the other hand, if another keyword-related ad has a much larger bid, then that ad will rank higher than yours.

However, Google does not rank your PPC ads based on maximum bids alone. Google also considers your ads quality score by rating the relevancy of your keywords and the quality of your PPC ads. The formula for your PPC Ad Rank will then be a product of your maximum cost per click multiplied by the quality of your ad. Google will determine your ads quality score (QS) from a range of 1 to 10, with ten being the highest. Sample computation for your Ad Rank will be as follows, Ad Rank = $2 per click x 10 QS will result in an Ad Rank for 20. When bidding for a keyword trigger, the ad that has the highest Ad Rank value will be placed on the top advertising spot.

Is PPC Marketing Worth the Investment?

If you are wondering if hiring a pay per click advertising services is worth the investment, here are the following benefits that your business may get from it:

  • Dominate Results for Your Keyword.

When you hire PPC advertising services, your ads for a specific keyword will be displayed above high-ranking websites from organic search results. This means that your specific ad will be seen first by searchers even if your main website is not ranked high enough to land on the first page of SERPs.

  • Get Immediate Results.

 PPC marketing delivers immediate results. Once you start a PPC campaign, your ads will immediately be displayed to millions and millions of users searching for your keyword trigger. Your chances of people clicking on your ads will significantly increase along with converting searchers to become your customers.

If you hire expert pay per click advertising services, the amount that you pay for every click will be worth your investment. Imagine having to pay $1 for every user that enters your website through your PPC ad. If your website can convert and get a $20 transaction, then your investment is well worth it.

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