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Mac-OS Write for Us

mac-OS Write for usmac-OS is the operating system for computers created and designed by Apple that is present only in its devices, known as Mac. The key feature of this system is to optimize for the hardware that the apple company manufactures, consequently the interaction between software and hardware is fine-tuned from its origins, generating perfect compatibility without the need for extra programming code.

What does mac-OS mean

The acronym mac-OS stands for Macintosh Operating System and corresponds to the terminology that Apple decided to use since 2016 for operating systems that run on Macs.It is worth mentioning that before that year, the name of the product was different, and it was called OS X.

However, to maintain the name line of other products, such as watch-OS and twos, where the product is first named (watch, TV, mac) and then the reference to the operating system (OS) is made, He updated his nomenclature to mac-OS at WWDC 2016.

Who created mac-OS

Apple decided to work on what would be its most innovative computer, the original Mac,  furthermore Steve Jobs decided to team up with employees he believed to be incredible, those who made a difference.

While designing the operating system that this device was to contain, they decided that it should be thought of by the user, in the sense of eliminating all possible difficulties regarding its use.

When Xerox PARC was developing an operating system with a graphical interface, something practically unknown and experimental, considering that the most popular method of the moment is Microsoft’s MS-DOS.

However after a negotiation with the representatives of the Xerox team, Apple engineers had the chance to meet him and see how it worked. That demonstration was enough for Jobs to realize that this was the future of computing: graphical interfaces.

Consequently, he left the development of that first version of Mac OS to his star programmers: Bill Atkinson and Andy Hertzfeld.

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