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Laser Radar Detector Write for UsLaser Radar Detector Write for Us

LADAR (laser detection and ranging) systems use light to determine the distance to an object. Because the speed of light is known, LADAR can use a short-pulse laser to illuminate a target and then measure how long it takes for the light to return. The advantage of LADAR over RADAR (Radio Detection And Ranging) is that LADAR can also map the target when determining the distance. This allows a 3D view of the respective object. This offers more extensive detection with higher precision and, therefore, a larger detection area than other technologies.

Newer LADAR systems with built-in InGaAs detectors can use eye-safe lasers (traditionally 1.55 or 1.57 microns) to minimize eye damage to the user and other combatants and non-combatants in the field. Battlefield. Aside from eye safety concerns, these lasers are also hidden from night vision goggles and older night vision technology, so the location of the detected object and the laser can be kept secret.

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