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ISP write for usInternet service providers, or more commonly known by its acronym in English ISP, are the companies that provide users with access to the Internet and other related services. These ISPs connect customers over networks. Most ISP companies provide telecommunications services to users, also giving them access to data communications and the telephone connection. Now almost all the Movistar telephone companies, Vodafone, like many other local operators, work as ISPs.

What types of ISPs are there?

Mail ISP:

Email services and servers to send, receive, and save emails.

Server ISP:

Email services, File Transfer Protocol (FTP, Web servers, virtual machines, cloud, and physical servers.

ISP Access:

They offer different types of technology to facilitate the connection of users to the network. These may include broadband, switched line connection, etc. There are also several types of permanent broadband connections, fiber optic service, DSL, satellite, …

Transit ISP:

They give large amounts of bandwidth to connect to server ISPs and access ISPs.

Virtual ISPs:

They use the services of other ISPs to offer their customers access to the Internet.

Free ISPs:

It is a service that they offer for free and show ads while clients are working.


What services does an ISP offer?

Internet Service Providers or ISPs offer a wide variety of services. Some of these services are:

Internet access.

Fixed telephony.



How does the ISP establish an Internet connection?

When a connection gets established through an ISP, it allows two remote computers to communicate without having an IP address.

It is necessary to have an IP address to get access to the Internet, mainly because the protocol used on the Internet is TCP / IP, which allows a large number of computers located through these addresses to communicate.

Therefore, communication between a user’s equipment and the service provider gets established according to the PPP protocol. The entire process begins with a call. After initiating contact with the ISP, the user name (log in or user ID) is verified, and the password is subsequently verified. Once “connected,” the ISP provides an IP address that remains for the period of Internet connection.

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