The allure of poker has been present for many decades. With the popularization of online casinos in recent years, that interest has only grown more.

While many players are trying to learn poker, even more players are trying to take a step further. For most people, this means going pro and playing in the big leagues like the World Poker Tour Championships and World Series of Poker.

However, there are several steps to complete before you can safely step into the world of professional poker. Gaining more experience and knowledge can only bring you better results once you decide to go pro. We’ve outlined some tips and requirements below!

Learn how to play

Obviously, the first step is learning how to play poker. Thankfully, there is an abundance of guides on how to play poker as a beginner. Reading through them should give you a run-down of the basics.

Basic terminology and knowing some of the most famous moves are two critical parts of playing poker. Your knowledge will have to be as good as or even better than the other players if you want to have a chance at winning.

However, just because you know all the moves and terminology doesn’t mean you’ve already learned how to play poker. It’s a constant learning process that requires dedication and love for the craft.

Letting yourself get too confident about your skills could also be your downfall, so make sure to always keep researching and learning.


Unless you’re a natural at poker, you won’t get anywhere without a lot of practice. Of course, if you already have a love for the game, you’re half done with this step!

If you genuinely like playing poker, playing more games to get more practice should prove no problem to you. They don’t have to be serious, high-stakes games. All you need is some practice rounds every day to get you started.

Building a habit out of it can prove to be beneficial to your practice sessions. With a clear goal in mind and a plan already mapped out, you may be closer to playing poker professionally than you think!

Curb your expectations

Understanding and improving your poker gameplay is not as easy as you may think it is. Playing for a month or two doesn’t mean you can already start going big.

Once you’ve started to get the hang of poker, you may think that playing professionally is a sure ticket to a life of glitz and glamour. This is also where you should curb your expectations. Most pro poker players have to work even harder to maintain their big winning streaks and good tournament placements.

Of course, curbing your expectations can also extend to the games you play. If you expect to win every game you play, you may end the game feeling disappointed and feeling like you haven’t fulfilled your potential.

Setting realistic expectations and goals is the best way to maintain your concentration and motivation to become a pro poker player.

Build a bankroll

While going in with all your finances may seem like a good idea if pro poker is what you want to do for a living, it’s far from it. If you want to keep playing poker for longer, you need to manage your finances smarter.

The first step is building a bankroll. Set aside a certain amount of money you can spend on playing poker for that month. Once you’ve spent all your budget, you’re done for the month. On the other hand, if you have any money remaining, it can contribute to your budget for the next month.

Another good idea is to accumulate savings. Poker can be a volatile game that may leave you with big winnings one month and no winnings the next. Having at least 6 months’ worth of living expenses saved up can save you in the long run.