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Google Play Write for Us

Google Play Write for Us

Google Play services are pre-installed on all Android phones launched with the Play Store. They have been with us since the beginning of Android, although generally we only remember them twice: when they are missing or when they consume a lot of battery.

While almost everyone has heard of Google Play services at some point, sometimes it may not be obvious what exactly they are or why you need them on your mobile. For example, what services are they?

What are Google Play Services?

Google Play Services or Google Play Services is a library created by Google by which developers can easily take advantage of Google APIs and services. Present from almost the beginning of Android, its creation and publication on Google Play was one of the first attempts to tackle Android fragmentation.

You can say that they are something like the link between Android and Google. While Android code only receives a couple of updates during a device’s life, Google services evolve rapidly. Google Services ensures that the system can continue to take advantage of them despite not updating.

In this way, a developer who wants to add functions such as Google’s improved location does not need to implement logic in each application but instead takes advantage of Google Play Services, achieving a cooperative behaviour across different versions of Android and devices.

You can update the Google Play Services through Google Play. The older versions of Android, already abandoned to their fate, continue to have access to the latest news in any of the services included, and that we will see below.

Currently, the backward compatibility of Google Play services goes to Android Jellybean 4.1, allowing current apps to run smoothly on versions of Android seven years ago.

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