Definition Google Bot

GoogleBot is the search robot used by Google. This bot will be responsible for crawling or crawling all the URLs that exist on the internet to build the Google database.

That is, Google Bot is the bot that Google has programmed to track the HTML, JS, CSS, etc. files of a web page. Hence, bots from different internet search engines are known as spiders or crawlers.

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How does Google Bot work?

GoogleBot discovers the different Internet URLs automatically by following the various links (both nofollow links and dofollow links) that exist on the internet.

How can I block access to Google Bot?

If a webmaster does not want one or more URLs to get crawled by the Google bot, they can use the robots.txt file to block their access and that of the rest of Bots from other internet search engines or SEO tools.

However, be very careful when making such a block because if you do not have a vast knowledge of this type of file, it is likely that you will end up making basic SEO errors that will harm your web positioning.

How to know if Google Bot has passed through my website?

To find out if GoogleBot has accessed your website will be as simple as taking a look at your server logs.

In them, you will be able to observe the access logs to your web page and know if any movement has been carried out by the User-Agent (Bot) GoogleBot.

This bot will be able to visit you with different browsers and different names, GoogleBot, GoogleBot Mobile, etc. For this reason, it is crucial to study the logs of your server. And see what actions this bot has carried out on your website to discover possible vanishing points and errors on your website.

This process can run by creating internal and external links (backlinks). Since what the Google crawler mainly does is follow links and discover URLs based on following those links.

You should also bear in mind that GoogleBot not only crawls HTML files and their content. It is also capable of crawling and locating images, PDF files, XML files, etc.

The only way to “trick” GoogleBot currently into not following links is by obfuscating links. As it is now having trouble following all links that do not have an HTML tag.

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