Anyone who has ever released their application knows that this process is usually associated with a lot of troubles. Usually, they begin with receiving feedback from beta testers and end with fixing bugs and approving the final version of the promo video. It does not matter how well your product is designed; the app with low-quality content is unlikely to operate on the market for a long period. So before you start filling your app description, you should remember a few simple but very important rules for you to create a selling app description.

Use keywords wisely

Strict limits set on the text size available for user’s preview on the announcement page require a thoroughly written content to make the viewer visit the page with a detailed app description.

To illustrate, you can use only 255 characters to represent an application in the Apple App Store.

If the short description will not motivate the user to learn more about your application, creating an extended description does not make much sense.  As for the general text size limit, it is 4000 characters both in Apple and the Google Play Store.

The overall content creating process may remind you of essay writing assignments: it must be well-written, concise, coherent, and clear to any type of user across various regions.

Do not assume that everyone knows how your application works

There is no doubt that any developer knows his product so much that he can make a presentation even if he wakes it up in the middle of the night. Do not expect that the user will understand all the functions of your app or that he has already seen something like that.

Make the text as simple as possible but more informative, emphasize the main features of the application and unique distinctive features. A good way to test is to write a draft and give it to someone who is not familiar with your service or game. After receiving feedback, you will understand how clear the text is to the reader, whether you need to add more explanations, or should it be shortened.

It’s also very important to choose the right keywords to maintain your app higher in the search engine.

Add a video in the app description

“While creating a description, think about what features make your product so valuable to users and differ it from your competitors.

Design media content imagining that you are the client; make it as useful as it can be” says Alex C. Porter, UX designer at Essay Yoda.

The presence of convincing images and screenshots depicting the key functions of the application may affect the user’s decision to download the product. Another good option would be to create a video instruction for using the application.

The video always looks advantageous than any screenshot as it allows you to see the product in action.

Focus on key characteristics and highlight app benefits

Write only what the user really needs to know. Eliminate unnecessary technical subtleties, focus on user benefits.

Remove from the draft all the extra details that can be deleted without losing the meaning of the text; though the description should be as capacious as possible, but also as short as possible. Keep in mind that the search engine in the iTunes App Store does not crawl description texts. This means that all work comes down to a keyword field with a limit of 100 characters. If you manage to get favorable press reviews in advance, share them with your audience as well. The use of positive reviews in the description of the application will help to gain confidence in the product, even if there are few real users.


To conclude, an excellent text description remains to be extremely important in terms of attracting new users; it can also become an excellent tool for attracting constantly high traffic and provide a substantial number of downloads. All of the things that need to be completed in the last days before launch make developers pay less attention to creating a good description for the application.

Nonetheless, you should not underestimate the role of content quality in overall project performance. To make the best out of your app, just remember tips discussed earlier and good luck with your new apps!