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Apple Watch Bands – Types You Can Buy

Apple Watch Bands – Types You Can Buy

Apple Watch Bands

Since the release of their first smartwatch, Apple has sold out quite a few different bands for it. There are third-party variants that can be purchased, but this article will focus on bands you can buy directly from Apple.

A list of available Apple Watch accessories and bands is given below:

Original Apple Strap

The ‘one size fits all’ strap comes with every Apple Watch Sport or above pre-order. It’s made of fluoroelastomer plastic with a stainless steel buckle and lugs. It is available in black only by default, but it has been seen in other colors before due to availability and third-party variants.

Apple Sport Band

This is the band that comes with every Apple Watch Sport pre-order, and it’s made of fluoroelastomer plastic. It has a stainless steel pin in the lugs for easy swapping and an aluminum button closure. It is available in five distinct colors: Blue, Green, Pink, White, and Black. There are currently no known third-party variants of this model at this time.

Apple Leather Loop

Although recently added to its repertoire, you can purchase this band alongside the launch of the entire collection of Apple Watches and accessories, including everything from Sport Bands to special edition ‘Edition’ bands in 18-carat gold featuring Apple’s S1 chip with the digital crown.

Apple Classic Buckle

Even if not officially announced by Apple yet, it will be available to purchase later alongside the launch of the full collection of Apple Watch accessories.

Apple Milanese Loop

This is a stainless steel band with an interwoven Milanese mesh design that wraps around your wrist. It has a magnetic closure similar to the leather loop band but more secure. On both sides, you’ll find small magnets on either end of the strap, which attaches magnetically on your wrist.

The button closures are made of stainless steel along with the lugs. It’s available in Silver and Space Grey colors only.

Although it is not generally known at this time, you can buy different bands to suit your mood throughout any given day! Here are some examples:

Black Sport Band

You can even wear this one during exercise because it is sweat-resistant. The black sport band does not come with the ‘sport’ model of the Apple Watch. Instead, it is an accessory you can purchase separately.

White Sport Band

You have already used the black sport band for your daily activities, so why not switch to white when you get home?

Pink Leather Loop

You can buy this for a special date night out.  The pink leather loop band comes with the ‘Apple Watch Hermes’.

Stainless Steel Milanese Loop

Use this band to complete your formal attire for that special event. The stainless steel Milanese loop band would generally come with the ‘Apple Watch Edition’ range.

Stainless Steel Link Bracket

Apple recently announced the stainless steel link bracelet; this is almost identical to the regular link bracelet except it’s made of stainless steel, which makes it about twice as thick and 50% heavier than the regular link bracelet.

The band comes with an additional butterfly mechanism for easy fastening/unfastening. It also has Perfection Slider adjustment for how tight or loose you want your Apple Watch to be on your wrist throughout any given day, although you’ll get used to whatever setting you choose after a while because that would only take a few days to adjust to.

The stainless steel link bracelet is available in silver only at this stage, but hopefully, they will release other colors in the future, like gold.

Apple Leather Loop

This band has no metal lugs like the Milanese Loops, which means it looks super clean on ladies/men with small wrists who don’t fancy looking like Micheal Phelps trying to stay afloat during open water swimming training. It also comes with magnetic closure (like the Milanese Loop).

Instead of magnets on both ends, they only come in one end. On the other end, you pull over like a belt buckle. The leather loop can be adjusted both ways without any tools. It has that perfection slider like the regular link bracelet on the stainless steel link bracelet.

So that’s all the Apple watch accessories and band options currently available to suit your mood throughout any given day. If you have a small wrist, just purchase the stainless steel Milanese loop or the leather loop.

Whichever style you choose in your Apple Watch bands, always buy it from a genuine store offering the entire range at the best prices.

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