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Electronics is the division of physics and engineering specialization, which studies and uses systems that operates on the conduction and control of the flow of electrons or other electrically charged particles.

The major uses of electronic circuits are the control, processing, information distribution, conversion, and distribution of electrical energy. An electronic system is a group of circuits that interact with each other to obtain a result.Electronics is very complicated with all the circuits and electronic schemes. Still, we must say that for many people, it is a spectacular world, mainly for students who identify with the subject.

A complete home electronics laboratory

If this is your case or your child is passionate about electronics, this product is for you, MX-906 Electronics Trainer 130 Practices; this complete laboratory of practices allows you to carry out 130 medium-level electronics experiments.

Begin to become familiar with TTL assemblies and developments, with the NOR, AND, OR, and NAND gates.

Here are some of their practices:

All with the same components. Therefore, it includes all the necessary material to be able to carry out practices such as Capacitors, diodes, resistors, cable, transistors, transformer, LEDs, terminals, etc

It is available with a comprehensive and detailed manual with the 130 practices to learn the basic concepts applied to initiation in the world of robotics and renewable energy.

It also includes a built-in speaker, 7-segment LED display, two fully integrated circuits, and rotary controls.

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