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Computer Repair Prices – What Does It Cost to Repair Your PC

Computer Repair Prices – What Does It Cost to Repair Your PC

Are you in need of computer repair? Well, that’s unfortunate, but hopefully, you will get it fixed sooner than later.
Before you do hire somebody to fix it for you, you need to figure out the average computer repair prices. And that’s why you’re here.

In this article, we will cover the cost of computer repair in a variety of ways. So keep reading to find out more and get that device back to work.

The Convenience/Inconvenience of Travel

First and foremost, the cost of the repair will depend on whether or not you bring your computer, a specialist comes to your office or home, or they pick up and deliver your device back when it’s fixed.

Gas mileage, travel time, and other inconveniences will increase the hourly rate for the work expected. However, some companies offer free in-store diagnostics and charge a flat-fee for performing the analysis at your location of choice (plus the labor after that).

Next-day or same-day fixes will incur significantly higher costs because the expert has to redirect all of their efforts at that moment to accommodate your immediate needs.

In some cases, your computer can be fixed with IT support over-the-phone. These individuals charge significantly less each hour. For instance, a company might charge $40 per hour on-site and $20 off-site for remote assistance.

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Computer Repair Prices: Flat/Itemized

The majority of tech repair locations have pre-set fees for resolving certain issues. This is better than the hourly rate because each and every job will take a different amount of time.

For instance, a company might charge $50 for diagnostics, $80 for a cleanup or setup of a new computer, $40 + $2 per GB of data recovery, and $200 for screen repair labor. These are just estimates and examples, so don’t bludgeon us.

Also, some companies only specialize in certain devices, and thus have their own fees for that. For instance, a Mac repair shop might charge a $100 on-site service fee per hour.

Whereas, a Windows specialist might charge $40 per hour, excluding the computer part prices.

Itemized Examples

Here are some specific itemized examples for you to acknowledge. Keep in mind these are just approximations, and in no shape or form reflect the true pricing of repair in your area. Many factors are contributed to fair pricing, such as location, economy, etc.

PC Repair & Tuneup

  • This is a complete process that includes viruses, trojan, adware, malware removal, computer upgrade, and optimization.
  • This kind of service might cost $150.

Diagnostic Analysis

  • This is a complete process that includes an in-depth report on the health of your device, and its predicted life expectancy, as well as additional analysis.
  • This sort of service might cost $40.

Hardware Repair (Laptop)

  • If you need to add more RAM, new memory drives, keyboards, etc – this is the service for you.
  • This might have an itemized cost of $25 per component.

Hardware Repair (PC)

  • If you need to do that same for a desktop PC, it will also have an itemized cost associated with it.
  • This might end up costing less than the laptop at $20 per component.

Software Installation

  • If you are unable to install software or need assistance, this might be what you’re looking for.
  • This type of service might cost $10 for each install.

Laptop Rental

  • Many repair shops offer a rental service for laptops for when your device is being fixed.
  • This might come at a price of $50 for the period of time that it takes to fix your device.

Data Recovery

  • A repair shop can often help recover lost data and save it. This can include pictures, documents, etc.
  • This service might cost variably, depending on the condition of the device, and prices start at $100+.

Wireless Installation

  • If you need to install a secure wireless network, a repair shop can assist you in doing so.
  • This service might cost $100 on its own.

Virus Cleansing

  • When your device has a worm, trojan, virus, malware, adware, a local specialist can help remove all of them without data loss.
  • This can cost about $80, depending on the circumstances.

OS Format

If you need a fresh start with your device, a new installation can help you in doing so. A repair shop will also back up and restore the necessary files per your request.

  • This service might cost $100.
  • And that’s that for computer repair prices.

Subscription Rates

Other repair shops might prefer to set up a subscription account with you so that you don’t have to pay for repair each time you break your device.

They might charge a $400 per year maintenance fee that covers support/repairs on a monthly basis. This is great for people who are yet uncomfortable with technology but find that they are becoming dependent on it for everyday life.

Warranties & Customer Support

Also, there are some additional things to consider, such as customer support and warranties. All too often a repair shop fixes a problem and then refuses to provide any more support without payment.

A good company will have free remote support to help resolve follow-up issues or further work that must be completed. A monthly warrant is a good place to start.

Also, when choosing a repair shop, look for specialists who are Microsoft Certified, or have a degree in IT, computer science, computer repair.

While some shops are great at resolving a problem, they are not great at explaining what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. Make sure to look out for hidden fees in the fine print so that you don’t get scammed.

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Billing Structure

In premise, a computer repair shop will charge by the hour, by the project, by the service. Before work starts, make sure to confirm the rate and ask how long it will take (if hourly).

Fixed-rate pricing is quite common with general issues, such as fixing a laptop screen. However, always expect to pay more for complex issues that might require several service offerings for the resolution of a single problem.

Computer Repair for You

Now that you know about the computer repair prices, you are well on your way to make sure that your device gets fixed, and you stay satisfied. As long as you find an appropriate service provider, there is nothing to worry about.

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