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What is Proxy Server? – Definition, Functions, Uses, And More

What is Proxy Server? – Definition, Functions, Uses, And More

Deinition Proxy Server

The proxy server acts as an intermediary between the connections of a client and a destination server, filtering all packets between them. Being you the client, this means that the proxy receives your requests to access one page or another. And is in charge of transmitting them to the webserver so that it does not know that you are doing it.

In this way, when you go to visit a web page, instead of establishing a direct connection between your browser and it. You can bypass and send and receive data through this proxy. The page you visit will not know your IP but that of the proxy, and you will be able to impersonate an Internet user from another country other than yours.

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Uses of Proxy server

Proxies are very often used to access services that have their content blocked in a particular country. For example, if a website does not offer certain content in your country. But it does in another, posing as an Internet user from that other country, you can access it.

These proxy services also block cookies, scripts, and other objects that get hosted on the websites. They are also useful to be able to navigate in a much more private and anonymous way.

Still, you don’t have to jump headlong into the thousands of free proxies on the net either. All the data will pass through servers, so the anonymity that is supposed to them is not always fulfilled. It is best to be suspicious of web proxies that do not belong to security companies or that show too much advertising at

Finally, the only thing a proxy server does is hide your IP. They do not usually eliminate any other type of additional identifier that may reveal your identity. So even though your IP is hidden, someone can spy on your traffic, with access to your network and the data you transmit.

Guide on Different Types of Proxy Servers.

Proxy server and VPN

Proxies are services that can help you improve your privacy when you surf the net. And which are often confused with VPN networks with which you can achieve similar results, but which are much more complete by not focusing solely on your navigation.

If you want greater security, you will have to go for a VPN. VPNs or virtual private networks differ from proxies in that they encrypt all the traffic that passes through them. Something that a proxy does not do. Therefore, when encrypting the data, even if a government agency or operator intercepted your communications. It would not be so easy to obtain your browsing data. Although, of course, the effectiveness of the VPN also depends on which one we have.

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