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What is Presentation Electronics? – Definition, Preparation, And More

What is Presentation Electronics? – Definition, Preparation, And More

Definition Presentation Electronics

Presentation Electronics have useful tools for didactic, which are supported by images and also text. In this way, you can create digital slides containing multimedia resources such as graphics, videos, audios, and animations.

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Electronic Filings

Electronic filings facilitate the transmission of information from visually and attractively, that is why they are useful for making exhibitions of some subject.

Tips for making presentations electronic

Be specific

Try not to exceed 15 slides.

Use graphics and images

These are useful to support the idea that you are expressing.

Avoid squeaky colors

These make viewing uncomfortable and difficult.

Do not abuse the animations

These take the presentation seriously.

Use legible typography

Use readable and straightforward fonts; this will allow other details are important; for example, the data from a graph.

Be brief and clear

Focus on your topic of exposition, get to the point, and also don’t deviate from the subject.

How is an electronic submission prepared?

For the preparation of an electronic follow the Next steps:

  • Mark an objective: define the topic to be developed in the presentation.
  • Choose the design template: select the slide that suits the best way to presentation. The first slide indicates the topic to develop and also the person who makes it.
  • Divide the information into themes and also subtopics.
  • Synthesize the information.
  • Illustrate: you can support your presentation by using tools audiovisuals.
  • Includes references: at the end of the presentation, add a slide that indicates the sources consulted, for example, bibliographic, demographic, archives historical, etc. These are useful to develop the presentation.

In conclusion, Microsoft PowerPoint is the program that people use most widely, and also it allows expressions by using slides containing information in text, For example, drawing, graphic, or video format. It is an online application that works as a narrative tool; use canvas instead of slides. Let you create a non-linear presentation, where you can use the zoom on the visual map.

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