What is Communications Security (COMSEC)? Definition, Types and More

COMSEC Definition

COMSEC (Communications Security) ensures the security of the confidentiality and integrity of telecommunications – two pillars of information security (IA). In general, COMSEC may refer to the security of information that is transmitted or communicated.

In the North Atlantic Treaty Organization culture, including the United States Department of Culture Defense. Which regularly alludes to by the shortened form COMSEC.

The field incorporates cryptographic security, transmission security, emanation security, and physical security of COMSEC gear and related key material.

To protect both classified and unclassified military communications traffic networks, including voice, video, and data COMSEC. Both analog and digital applications, and also both cable and wireless links, use it.

Voice over secure Internet protocol has become the standard for the protection of voice communications. Replacing the need for secure terminal equipment in much of NATO, including the US. USCENTCOM moved ultimately to VOSIP in 2008.

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How has COMSEC (Communications Security) been used in recent times?

Mobile phones are a coveted target of spies and hackers, which is why it is not surprising that more and more companies and institutions want to protect the communications of their executives and key personnel.

  • More than 12,000 professional mobile terminals have Indar’s mobile anti-spying solution.
  • If a mobile device compromises, any cybercriminal or group of cybercriminals access detailed information, practically in real-time, about any negotiation, research project, contract, commercial strategy or acquisition or merger plans.
  • So you want to protect the Terminals is no longer a strange occurrence at the time when a security breach can lead to terrific consequences.
  • In Spain, Indra is one of the companies that have in its offer an anti-espionage solution, which already uses more than 12,000 professionals.

And its use does not stop growing in the Spanish Public Administration, having won all the tenders in which it has competed in the last three years.

Technical characteristics

    • The solution is compatible with any operating system and model of smartphone or tablet, encrypts voice communications, messaging and files sent end-to-end.
    • It also allows multiconferences and video calls to establish and maintain communication rooms to maintain secure meetings.
    • In addition, you can use mobile networks, Wi-Fi or satellite communications and it is compatible with all other mobile applications, such as the phone book, camera or email.
    • With the ease of use as a premise, it exceeds the conventional mobile efficiency when it comes to establishing connections in countries or areas with little coverage.
    • The cost of international calls also reduces by it, as they are made by exchanging data packets.
    • The signature security for the mobile terminal completes a cyber intelligence and security service.

What are the Types of COMSEC? (Communications Security)

There are five COMSEC security types:

Crypto security

This encrypts data and makes it unreadable until the data is decrypted.

Emission Safety (EMSEC)

This prevents the release or detection of emanations from devices such as cryptographic devices, thereby preventing unauthorized eavesdropping.

Physical Security

Ensures security and prevents unauthorized access to cryptographic information, documents, and devices.

Traffic Flow Security

Hides messages and message characteristics flowing in a network.

Transmission security (TRANSEC)

This protects transmissions from unauthorized access, thereby preventing interruptions and damage.

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