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Database Write for us

Database write for us


Database, or also a data bank, is a set of information belonging to the same context, systematically ordered for subsequent retrieval, analysis, and transmission. There are currently many forms of databases, ranging from a library to the vast user data sets of a telecommunications company.

Moreover databases are the product of the human need to store information, that is, to preserve it against time and deterioration, to be able to access it later.  Furthermore, the appearance of electronics and computing provided the essential digital element to store enormous amounts of data in limited physical spaces, thanks to its conversion into electrical or magnetic signals.

However the management of the databases gets carried out through management systems (called DBMS for its acronym in English: Database Management Systems or Database Management Systems), currently digital and automated, which allow orderly storage and rapid recovery of information. This technology is the very principle of computing.

Database types

There are different classifications of the databases,

  • Static databases. Typical of business intelligence and other areas of historical analysis, they are read-only databases, from which information can get extracted, but not existing data can be modified.
  • Bibliographic. It contains various reading material (books, magazines, etc.) ordered from crucial information such as the author, publisher, year of appearance, subject area, or book title, among many other possibilities.
  • Directories. Massive listings of personalized data or email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Service companies manage huge customer directories, for example.

These are just a limited of the several dozen types of databases in use today. Other less common databases remain tailored for scientific, financial, or other particular functions. In addition to different kinds of databases, changes in technology development approaches and significant advancements such as the cloud and automation are taking databases in entirely new directions. Some of the more unique databases include.

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