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5 “Must” When Choosing a Database [2024]

5 “Must” When Choosing a Database [2024]

Choosing the right database platform for your business can be overwhelming, I know, but it could also be critical for your business success. By the end of this article you will have a clearer picture of what you should keep in mind when choosing the right database for you.

A DB, database, is like your wardrobe. Is the place where you store and keep organize all the data you collect through your website or app. And a DBMS, database management system, is the software that manages the database.

The crazy amount of data that enterprises need to work with in today’s fast passing world is challenging to say the least. All that while having sub-millisecond performance, architectural simplicity, linear scalability, security and high availability. The way you manage your data plays a crucial part in delivering a positive user experience.

From the more than 300 database management systems available in the market everybody knows Redis is one of the best ones, for this reason has been voted for 4 consecutive years as the most loveable database*.

The big problem that Redis presents is that it doesn’t run on Windows, the most used operating system for development and the second most used for deployment. But luckily, Memurai comes to fill this gap. Memurai is a fully Redis compatible cache and datastore built natively on Windows. It’s an enterprise ready global solution launched officially in April 2020 and that is already working with companies all over the world. Beside their enterprise solution they have a developer edition that is free for development and testing.

Yes, I know, you are waiting for that list. So without further do I leave you the 5 key features you should look at when choosing your DB.

1- High Performance and Scalability

In today’s world and the evolving needs the companies face, speed and scalability are crucial. You need to provide instant experience to your customers, Your database needs to respond in less than a millisecond to avoid bottleneck performances. An In-memory database can respond fast and without the need of a separate catching layer, that won’t be quickly enough and will add complexity. Working entirely within an in-memory database can help you gain speed and reduce complexity.

As important as performance is the ability to scale easily. When working with large amounts of data, seasonal or unexpected peaks and overall growth you need to find a cost-effective solution. Linear scaling makes it practical and cost-beneficial.

2- High Availability

Business continuity is essential and critical for your company and this is why high availability is a must. Your company needs to be able to recover quickly from a database failure with the minimum possible damage. With Redis and Memurai you get 99.999% (also called five nines) uptime based on built-in durability and single-digit-seconds failover. Which means 5 minutes, 15 seconds or less of downtime in a year.

3- Keep it Simple with NoSQL Database

Traditional SQL databases organize information in a table-based way while a NoSQL database is key-value, document, graph or wide-column store. This means SQL needs significant up-front preparation to predefined schemas and structured data. While NoSQL on the other hand

have dynamic schemas for unstructured data and use key-value data storage and search capabilities to find what you are looking for, which makes it easy and faster to work with.

A database that is easy to deploy and maintain ensures also internal speed.5 “Must” When Choosing a Database

4-Developer Friendly

As we mentioned in the previous point a database that is easy for developers is very important. Memurai is a Redis for Windows alternative fully compatible with Redis and the tools and integrations available.

Besides is being supported by most programing languages such as Python, C, C++, C#, JavaScript among others. Redis simplicity and superior performance is the reason it is being chosen as the most loved one in the developer community.

5- Expertise and Customer Service Support

Having a company that has your back it’s as important as the solution you are hiring. Your team may need help with technical implementations that are specific to your business and this why a company that works as your partner is a must. The database is an important part of your company and you shouldn’t have to walk that path alone.

Memurai team began leading the development of the Redis on Windows project by Microsoft Open Technologies (MSOpenTech) back in 2013. When Microsoft abandoned support for Redis on Windows, Memurai was born. Since then they are working with major global companies as small startups from all over the world.

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