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Best Gravity Forms Addons in 2022

Best Gravity Forms Addons in 2022

Certainly, the foremost aspect that makes Gravity Forms more powerful and impressive than the relevant community of developers tends to contribute to the Gravity Forms ecosystem. The certified developers are trusted, respected, and recommended by Gravity Forms for their seamless and robust development work ethics and commitments to improving the consistency of the Gravity Forms plugin.

It enables users to display their form entries, generate downloadable PDFs, build nested forms, and create advanced workflows. These are considered one of the best features provided by the Gravity Forms certified add-on. Hence, this article will discuss some of the best gravity form add ons that will skyrocket your brand identity to the next level.

What is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is a comprehensive and powerful WordPress plugin that enables you to create forms that are required to be added to your website. It’s easy to add contact forms, quizzes, and surveys to your site with this plugin.

It is quite popular for features such as conditional formatting, which automatically displays or hides certain questions based on the user’s answers, and routing parameters that redirect form submissions to email addresses specified in the contextual form.

Now, let’s delve into discussing some of the best gravity form add ons that will skyrocket your brand identity in 2022:

1. Smarts Uploads in Gravity Forms


Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms is a powerful and robust gravity form add-on that enables users to experience the essence of previewing their fields before uploading them. There are a wide variety of smart upload options for pictures where users can easily edit, crop, and rotate the file directly from the front-end section.

It also enables users to sort the file order sequence of their files using the drag and drop option. Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms enable users to accept multiple gravity form file uploading facilities on your form. In particular, using the super handy customization, you can get multiple file types from non-technical users via this add-on. Hence, you don’t need to enter HTML to display the form on the website.

2. Bookings for Gravity Forms

Gravity Bookings is a result-oriented tool that is helpful for scheduling and registration purposes. It can be easily used to leverage the usability experience of the user as per the desired needs. The major aspect is the ability to quickly and easily schedule online appointments on the bookings page, using the bookings for gravity forms.

Bookings for Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress plugin that allows clients who want to simplify their web design with WordPress features to upload file types.The multi-feature and the customized plugin make stress-free online appointments and bookings. Customers can make online reservations anytime and anywhere. Our product is fully-compatible and mobile-adaptive, which means that the subscribers can easily schedule their flights and reserve the hotel from their mobile phones.

3. Import Entries for Gravity Forms

The Gravity Forms Import Entries is a powerful and robust add-on that extends the Gravity Forms and enables the administration to enter the CSV data in the entry section of the gravity forms. It enables the user to choose the CSV that matches the entry ID, or the administrator can easily update the existing entries. This Gravity Forms Import Entries plugin endorses the concept of CSV rows in the Gravity Forms entries.

By using this plugin, you need to get entries that are instantly executed by the Gravity Forms. This plugin enables the user to import an Excel spreadsheet into the Gravity Forms. You can easily import unlimited rows along with updating the existing entries, uploading files, and much more. Admins can simply update existing items via corresponding fields that match the entry ID in the CSV files. You can easily insert the new entries and update the old ones with a mere few minutes of work.

4. GravityView

Gravity View transforms the designed form fields into presentable uploads for your website. It is considered a simple and robust tool that can be used, as per the fact that GravityView handles the overall process. It is a simple and robust way to display relevant information, i.e., event listings, profiles, stats, and many more, on your site without making any code changes. Using GravityView, you can take your Gravity Forms information and then display it on your site via one of the pre-defined templates.

These templates enable you to transform your data into things such as staff profiles, resumes, job boards, event listings, and vice versa. Also, if you want to make the complete process quicker for both the data collection process and the display of the data, you don’t have to create a form using Gravity Forms.

5. Google Spreadsheet in Google Forms

The Google Spreadsheet in Gravity Forms integrates and manages each and every aspect of Gravity Form’s information with its own Google Spreadsheet.

It easily exports the gravity form data to your Google Spreadsheet along with automatically simplifying via mapping the gravity form fields on your spreadsheet. Also, it enables users to manage their gravity form data without worrying about any loss of information.

Wrapping Up

Certainly, it has been observed that gravity forms play a significant role in building trust and effectively marketing to your visitors. These forms are important to consider for developing your custom WordPress website. Hence, the aforementioned plugins highlight the best gravity form addons that provide you with a variety of ways to boost your brand identity to the next level.

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