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6 Need-to-Knows when Building a Private Blog Network for SEO

6 Need-to-Knows when Building a Private Blog Network for SEO

The PBN SEO industry goes a long way back and you surely got an idea of what a private blog network is. And you know you want to use it to rank your ‘money’ site with the use of PBNs.

So, I will not waste your time in the fluff talk. Let’s get straight to business. Here are six things that you should know when building a private blog network.


SEO experts do not usually share their best PBN hosting and management insights that give them an advantage in ranking their target sites. However, I am going to do just. Why? Because I do not mind you using the same tactics as I do. May the best man or woman win the SERP #1 race.

PBNs are NOT Complicated

Multiple blog management sounds like a lot to handle. I will not say it is a piece of cake. But it is not that hard of a nut to crack either.

Just do not set out alone and unarmed, though. If you try to manage all your websites manually, you will fail. Yes, you will fail. And no, I am not exaggerating.

So, what can you do instead? Get a PBN Management software with a control panel. [My personal suggestion: SeekaHost PBN Hosting Control Panel. It is a multiple IP private blog network hosting control panel that I offer and use myself.]

With the control panel, you can host your domain on Class A, B, and C IP addresses and securely host your blogs.

Though I recommend you the SeekaHost PBN Hosting Control Panel, don’t just take my word for it. Go for it only when you have availed of the 7-day free trial and are satisfied with it.

Search Engines DON’T Hate PBNs

Almost half a decade ago, Google deindexed several PBNs. A lot of people in the SEO community were badly hit. Several others started labelling private blog network holders as black hat SEOs.

And that is when everyone assumed that Google hated PBNs. But none of my PBNs got deindexed. Ever.

Does Google have a special affinity towards me and my network? I’d love that. But that is not true. The truth is Google hates automated link building elements.

PBNs that have fully functional, resourceful sites with read worthy content were not flagged down. Why? One, Google’s algorithms and filters cannot identify sites with that level of personal touch. They do not seem interconnected or something out of the ordinary. Cannot deindex a website when it does not look like a link dump!

Two positive user metrics give Google the signal that the sites in question are good (for the users.). Readers like the content on these sites, stay for longer durations on the sites and keep coming back for more information.

If you are using an automated link building mechanism, fear Google. It will strike you one day.

If you are backed by content and a human touch, have a good night’s sleep, you are in the clear.

PBNs Work Wonders, But…

… only if you know how to use them and manage them.

The best SEO strategies will go to waste if you do not use them the right way. The same goes for PBNs. There is so much bad mouthing about PBNs on the Internet that it does get tough to understand and learn how to go about building a PBN.

But make sure you do not skip the learning part that precedes the earning part. I use the Facebook group, PBN Demystified, to do my bit towards helping people understand and build PBNs.

You can join that group, or you can check the eLearning platform SeekaHost University for courses and guidebooks before starting.

You Need to Inspect the Expired Domains Before Investing in Them

It is too tempting to take out your card and get ready to swipe when you see an expired domain available for sale at staggeringly low prices.

But before you seal the deal, ask yourself one question – why is the domain really available for sale? Among several possible reasons, one important reason could be that Google had recently deindexed or penalized it.

Now, you do not want a domain that’s already in Google’s bad books, right? Do thorough research before you jump to take that deal.

Do NOT Leave Any Footprints Behind

That advice sounds like what one criminal would tell another, right?

Call me whatever you want but know that Google isn’t the law. And you, me or anyone else is not legally bound to follow its guidelines.

But what if we do get penalized by Google – the self-proclaimed whistleblower?

Do not get caught then. If there are not any footprints, you won’t get found. And if you won’t get found, you won’t get penalized.

Use different IP addresses to access your blogs, have different hosting service providers and different registration details.

Some people go as far as never accessing different websites in their PBNs from the same IP address. (Same people, AKA me!)

Do not Let Others’ Judgement Stop You

Not be a motivational speaker, but do not drop your pursuits because someone else thinks you are wasting your time or risking facing the wrath of Google.

Building a (successful) PBN can take up to 6 months. You will see people claiming results in 30 days. And several others claiming no results even in 12 months or more.

Do not let their journey dictate yours. Your keywords, niche, type of content, domain, and several other factors influence how much time it would take you to see results and start making real money.

Understand your own timeline and walk your own path.

Start Now

No ifs and buts. You know where to start. You have the key to ranking high and making money in your hand. Do not wait outside the door. Unlock the door today and let PBN sites give you what you seek.

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