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WAN write for usWAN is the acronym for Wide Area Network (“Wide Area Network”), used to name the computer network that extends over a broad strip of territory, be it through a city, a country, or even worldwide. An example of a WAN network is the Internet itself.
WAN is different from other networks, such as LAN (Local Area Networks) or PAN (Personal Area Networks), which have other configurations and scopes. LANs are very popular within businesses or organizations, while PANs operate within the confines of a room or similar spaces.
THEREFORE, the WAN network involves the interconnection of terminal equipment or other systems that are at great distances from each other. Its infrastructure requires several switching nodes and a significant capacity to support the volume of data traffic.
A switching node is understood to be the device that is in charge of handling the traffic. These teams receive the data through an input line and must choose an output line to forward it.

WAN networks can have various topologies, such as the so-called point-to-point, which consists of the interconnection of nodes through dedicated channels that are always available for connection.

On the other hand, the ring topology implies the connection of each node to two others, generating a particular pattern that increases the number of possible solutions to possible problems in the links through a cable.

Other topologies are the star (one node becomes the connection centre for the rest) and mesh (seeks the interconnection of all nodes, which means a more remarkable ability to overcome failures).

WANs are large-scale networks that span countries and even continents. They do not connect individual computers, but other networks such as LAN or MAN. WANs can be public or corporate-managed to connect multiple locations over long distances. But how is a WAN network structured, how is it different from other types of networks, and what technologies are used?

Types of WAN networks

  • Switched by circuits
  • Connection-oriented networks
  • Switched by message
  • Switched by packets
  • Non-connection-oriented networks

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