stardew valley egg hunt is a very fun activity in the egg festival. Players compete with villagers to see who can collect the most eggs within the specified time. The winner can get rewards. Many players do not know how to After collecting more eggs, the editor below will bring you this Stardew Valley Egg Festival egg hunt location sharing strategy, to help players who don’t know the egg location to win the egg hunt event , and want to know more about stardew valley games A complete guide for everyone can visit .

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1. Eggs Festival content introduction:

Egg Festival is a festival in stardew valley game. It is held on the 13th day of spring every day. Players can go to Pelican Town Square from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm to participate in the egg festival activities. After the festival, return to When on the farm , the time becomes 10:00 PM.

During Egg Day, players can buy decorations such as fluffy rabbits and lawn flamingos at Pierre’s booth , as well as very valuable strawberry seeds, if the player sprinkles the seeds on the strawberries on the festival night, the player will 2 strawberries can be harvested before summer, which is a very good deal.

One of the most important activities of the Egg Festival is egg hunt. Villagers and players will participate in the game of egg hunt . Players first need to talk to Mayor Lewis to trigger the game. The number of players in the current game determines the number of eggs needed to win the egg hunt . For example , in a single player game, players must collect 9 or more eggs within 50 seconds. to win the game, otherwise Abigail wins, 6 eggs for 2 players, 5 eggs for 3 players , and 4 eggs for 4 players .

After winning, the player will get a straw hat as a reward, but if the player has won the easter egg hunt before, then they will get a reward of 1000g . When the mayor of Lewis announces the winner of the egg hunt, the egg hunt ends by default.

1. Eggs Festival content introduction:

2. Egg location for egg festival :

In a single player game, if you want to collect 9 eggs to win the game , it is not so easy, many players will complain about losing to Abigail, the following is the specific location of the 9 eggs in egg hunt , everyone knows the chicken Once the eggs are located, it is not difficult to collect 9 eggs .

1st egg position

Go straight up from the starting point and find the first egg behind the camel tree on the left of the Harvey Clinic.

2nd egg position

After finding Harvey , the 2nd egg can be found near the bushes behind Harvey.

3rd egg position

The third easter egg can be obtained behind the big tree on the left of Hailey.

4th egg position

After finding Sebatian , find the 4th egg behind the tree to Sebatian’s left.

5th egg position

After finding Sam’s house , the 5th egg can be found in the upper left corner of the blue house’s backyard .

6th egg position

finding Emily’s home , the 6th egg can be found near the main door trash can.

7th egg position

to the river in front of Sam’s and Emily’s house, then go left to find the 7th egg.

8th egg position

You can find the 8th egg near the entrance to the sewer .

9th egg position

coming out of the sewer entrance , go straight to the right to get the 9th egg.

Egg location for egg festival

above is the whole content of the egg hunt location of the egg egg festival in stardew valley . Hurry up and join the game to try the egg location by referring to the above egg location ! Want to experience stardew valley now ? Immediately visit game topn to search for stardew valley to download , there are more exciting game downloads and massive original strategies for you to choose from