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Clever Strategies for Maximizing Current Backlinks [2024]

Clever Strategies for Maximizing Current Backlinks [2024]


The primary goal of SEO is to build links from other sites, but if you already have a moderate number of backlinks, you may use the power of that network. Not only will you get more backlinks, but you’ll also gain visibility for your brand, increase click-throughs and purchases, and perhaps new business chances.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of backlinks yet. Buying backlinks online and these methods will help you develop a strong foundation for the future, so keep them in mind as you gain new links. Take a look at these innovative approaches:

Gather all of your current inbound links.

Site Explorer and Clique Hunter are the two primary tools for doing this. Enter your root domain and choose the ‘Backlinks’ option in Site Explorer, and you’re good to go. For those who aren’t familiar with Clique Hunter, it’s a little trickier, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Clique Hunter allows you to add up to nine rival root domains to your own root domain. The top 10 pages with a backlink to Majestic can be found by clicking on the number next to Entrepreneur. If you’d want to look back at prior links you’ve won, that’s a fantastic method to do it. Look for the name of the author or journalist who provided the link, and remember why they did so.

Make a list of people you want to contact again.

Your fresh content should be of interest to those people who have provided you with a backlink, as they’ve previously shown an interest in your items or website. Assemble lists of the most useful and noteworthy items. To keep track of the URLs you’ve reviewed, use the plugin when linked to your Majestic account to keep track of the URLs you’ve reviewed. There are now 100 URLs in the bucket; therefore, you should export the data and start each session with an empty bucket.

Learn how and why domains are linked to yours and vice versa.

Are you the sole external link on the page that is linked to? Find out whether they are linked to a product or piece of content you created. Is there anything you can do to enhance the current link? Are you on a list with a large group, or are you the only one? Is it possible to earn a high-quality backlink on its own? In the process of reviewing your backlinks, make sure to take excellent notes in order to retain important information.

Link to or share any posts that include your name.

It’s a good idea to link to or share their article that mentions you. People will be more inclined to mention you again if they see that you’ve been acknowledged. Next, by highlighting the positive press you’ve gotten from other sources, you bolster your own authority.

 Incorporate more of their words into your own work.

Reciprocation is a strong force in human nature, and most of us feel compelled to repay good deeds done for us. It’s a fantastic method to show your gratitude. In other words, whenever you link to or remark on a piece of content that mentions us, you persuade the author to link to you again. The most effective technique to cultivate new friendships is using this method.

Let them know when fresh information is going to be published.

Whenever you produce fresh, high-quality content, be sure to share it with those who have previously linked to you. Include a link to remind them of what they did previously if you believe they won’t recognize you. If you want to go a step further, you may ask them to write an article for you. Prepare a draft and get their feedback ahead of time. Of course, if they agree, give them a link in exchange for their cooperation.

Inquire about writing a regular column for the paper.

Having a regular column in a well-known newspaper can be a wonderful experience and a powerful link-building strategy. If you want to write a regular column, you need to be a decent writer, have a lot of fun doing it, and be able to fulfill deadlines regularly. That requires a high level of self-control.

In addition, it’s a good idea to have at least two to three article outlines in your thoughts before you begin writing. The last thing you need is to be 24 hours away from your due date and still have no clue what you’re going to write about.

To Conclude

This can be a highly successful method for gaining backlinks. Building and maintaining long-term relationships is essential, but so is having the foresight to prepare ahead.

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