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Top 10 Resume Builder Apps For IOS

Top 10 Resume Builder Apps For IOS

Getting a good resume builder app is considered to be a must for IOS users today, but deciding which one is the best choice is not always easy. People need to be able to depend on that software to create a glowing resume rewrite to impress employers and get a job. So, what are the top ten resume builder apps for IOS?

Create your resume in minutes using resume-example specific to your profession.

A list was compiled by a few different, and important, criteria. First, a builder needed to have a streamlined, easy-to-use interface. This was probably the most essential part of making the list as, if you can’t figure out how to use a builder, how can you use it?

Second, it was decided that having a free version or at least a free trial was a good idea. It is, after all, important for people to try out this kind of software before they make the decision to buy. Finally, having the ability to build a resume from scratch and get the most options for a user was also given considerable weight. Here are the winners:


This came out on top because it offers its users the greatest ability to customize their resumes. Right from the start, this app gives its subscribers the option to choose from hundreds of different resume templates. It was resume professional writers reviews that helped to make this app stand out.

From there, they can then select to change and adjust fonts sizes, fonts styles, and template colors. Canva also gives them the option to add additional design elements like photos from an extensive library. Other libraries include icons and illustrations that people can add to their resume to make it stand out a little more.

What helped to bring Canva to the top of the list, though, was that it is essentially free. How it works is that you can build a full resume with this app without spending a dime. The way Canva makes its money is to charge only for premium items, which is left purely in the hands of the user.


This entry ended up on the list as a great option for those who aren’t as tech-friendly as others. It deliberately has a more limited selection of templates and design choices, instead of going for a more streamlined approach to resume creation.

This is accomplished by getting rid of anything that can be confusing and making it easy for everyone to find what they’re looking for. Illustrations, photos, and template options are all sorted in simple, straightforward categories that are easy to navigate.

Visme is also a good option in that it does offer a free version, but gives access to all of the bells and whistles in its premium version.

Vizualize Me

This is an interesting entry on the list for just how initiative this app is for resume creation. For those who have a LinkedIn account, Vizualize Me can take the information from that profile and create an online resume! It then gives its users an interactive infographic of all of their work experience, skills, and education.

Vizualize Me is an impressive piece of software that allows a person to look at timelines for the education and experience and then be able to click on it to get additional information on that school or that job.

Unfortunately, Vizualize Me’s greatest feature is also its greatest drawback. It is meant to be an online resume that potential employers access through the Internet. In printed form, something is lost in the translations. This one has a lot of future potential, though.

For those who do just want to share an online, interactive resume, it’s free. For those who want to download a copy of it and print their resume, that’s where the premium plan comes in.


This is a good option for people who are going for the less traditional form of resume, which is the video resume. Unheard of just twenty years ago, video resumes are just what they seem: a video presentation of a person’s background. This software allows people to take the video they recorded and shine it up to appeal to a prospective employer.

Biteable is a good tool to use to add text, titles, graphics, and even music to a presentation to make it look professional and inspired. Biteable is free to use, but it will add a watermark to the video and is available only through the website. For those who want to download it and have it watermark-free, they’re going to have to use the premium version.


This app is a good idea for those who already have a resume, but are looking for ways to update it, improve it, or rebuild it. Basically, it’s a great idea for those who want to polish up an existing document. Like many others on this list, VisualCV has both a free and premium option.

CV One

CV One is a mixture of a traditional resume builder and a video one. This is a great option to do both, and it’s free to use. The drawback to this builder, though, is that the free version only has the resume available through its site.


The approach of UptoWork is to be a little more hands-on with its subscribers. It walks the user through the process and offers helpful advice along the way. UpToWork has both a free and paid version.


The name speaks to how CakeResume works. Its approach is to build a resume in layers, much like a cake! It does have a free version for a single resume, and they believe you’ll like it so much that you will come back for the premium version!

Adobe Spark

This is also a great app for those looking to create an online, interactive resume both quickly and easily. There are thirteen templates to choose from and, once again, it offers a free and premium subscription.


This is another good one for anyone looking to create a video resume for themselves. It includes a prompter and allows for as many takes as a person needs to get the video just the way they want it. There is both a free and paid subscription available.

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