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Top 5 Productivity Tools to Help You Work From Home (WFH)

Nearly every company around the world is scrambling to find the right productivity tools for their employees as they enforce their work from home (WFH) policies. In order to protect from the ongoing health threat from novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), most company has pushed remote working tools to the forefront, especially those that can boost productivity in these difficult times.

After looking at dozens of remote work software applications, we’ve put together a collection of the top 5 productivity tools to help you work from home and manage your tasks effectively. We’ve considered several important aspects, such as why each one is the best tool in its category, what it is, what it does, and what operating systems it supports. Let’s dive right into it.

No 1: PDFelement Pro

Why Choose PDFelement Pro as a Remote Work Software Application?

As a full-featured and “Top Rated” document management system, PDFelement Pro can handle all your digital documentation and PDF workflows. The integration with cloud services allows employees to collaborate on documents, apply security restrictions, add digital signatures, and share PDFs online. A wide array of annotation, review, and commenting tools gives that collaborative element a further boost, which is critical in a WFH model. But the real benefit of using PDFelement Pro for remote work is that it handles everything from the simplest PDF editing tasks to the most complex optical character recognition jobs. And the reason your employees will be more productive with PDFelement Pro in their collection of work from home software tools is that the learning curve is near-zero, implying lower training costs during large-scale deployment.

PDFelement Pro Overview

Unless you use the software (free trial available), it’s hard to convey how intuitive the new interface has become. Over the course of many iterations, PDFelement Pro has evolved to become a powerhouse PDF editor that almost exactly matches Acrobat Pro DC feature for feature. At the same time, it delivers high performance at a much lower price point and with a much slicker user interface. This interface has been a game-changer for startups, small businesses, and enterprise-level organizations alike.

Key Capabilities and Features of PDFelement Pro

System Support: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

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No 2: Google Sheets

Why Google Sheets for Remote Work?

As a collaborative spreadsheet program, Google Sheets has always been the service to beat. The real-time environment is ideally suited to remote work, and it offers some level of protection against modification or accidental deletion of data. This is critical from an operational point of view. As part of the G Suite array of ‘business tools on the cloud’, Google Sheets is a must-consider work-from-home application.

Google Sheets Overview

Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet application that can be accessed on any browser, although Chrome is the best choice because it gives you a doorway to even more remote work tools within the Google ecosystem. It is a real-time collaborative platform where changes by multiple users can be viewed as they happen. Content can also be locked for editing using strong encryption algorithms. In addition, you can export spreadsheets to other common formats like Excel, HTML, PDF, and so on.

Key Capabilities and Features of Google Sheets

System Support: Online, Cross-platform

No 3: SignX

Key Capabilities and Features of SignX

System Support: Online, Cross-platform

No 4: ClickMeeting

Why ClickMeeting is a Necessary Remote Work App

The whole solution to the current threat of a novel coronavirus infection boils down to avoiding physical contact. What better way to replace your one-to-ones and conferences with a virtual meeting tool? Self-styled as a webinar software, ClickMeeting goes beyond mere webinars and is an ideal tool for any sort of remote audio or video conferencing for small and large teams alike.

ClickMeeting Overview

A user-centric interface is essential to the mass adoption of any software, and ClickMeeting has nailed it in that regard. The clean look, easy-to-use controls, and support for large numbers of users makes ClickMeeting an absolute must-have for any type of remote work scenario, whether it’s a training session for large, remote teams, a prospecting tool for new clients, a video conference with external stakeholders, or just an audio call with a few users.

Key Capabilities and Features of ClickMeeting

System Support: Online, Mobile

No 5: Cropro

Why Cropro for Work-at-home Employees?

Any remote work setup must necessarily have the right screenshot and annotation tool so employees can share markups, review and comment on documents, and communicate other changes from a remote location. Cropro makes this possible in a simple, unified interface that lets you take a custom screenshot, add annotations, and send it via email and other mediums or simply save it to your desktop.

Cropro Overview

Cropro allows you to take what’s on your screen, add your thoughts on top, and share it with others, making it an ideal tool for remote collaboration. It works well in creative fields because you can visually communicate what you want to say to the other person – a minor layout change in a landing page mock-up; extensive corrections to a web page; clear and concise instructions to designers and other creative staff; and so on. The clean interface makes it easy to figure out various features and functions, which is a valuable asset when rolling out new software to a remote team of workers.

Key Capabilities and Features of Cropro

System Support: Mac, Windows

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